Crawford County property transfers from February

These are the February property transfers in Crawford County

George L Denzer, Executor of the Estate of Persis J Denzer to James Day, 1689 River Rd., Bucyrus, $61,500

Ashley N Olmstead to Amber N Roberts, 364 East Payne Ave, Galion, $65,000

Richard L & Kathleen J Hulsmeyer to Stephanie Barr, 230 S Sandusky Ave, Bucyrus, $60,000

Feicita E Walker, et al to JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, 132 East Mansfield St., New Washington, $60,000

Shane M Leuthold, et al to CA and NK LLC, 626 Plymouth St., Bucyrus, $19,000

Burnard & Linda M Stewart to Timothy O & Aimee E Wood, 5.854 acres, Bloomville, $29,770

Philena I MacDonald to Leah Sharon Garrett & Charles Bailey Johnston, 1665 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $75,500

Sheldon E & Sharon K Moore to Sandra K Busby, 537 Michael Dr., New Washington, $50,000

Deborah L Kreta, Successor Trustee to Sheila Kent, 763 S Boston St., Galion, $10,000

Sylvester E Hardesty to Joshua S Stanek, 260 Iona Dr., Bucyrus, $72,000

Zorns & Byers, Ltd to Glen L Runkle, 621 Harding Way East, Galion, $8,500

Bradley F & Debra S Bauer to Andrew J & Marcia M Biglin, 7270 Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $90,000

Bradley F & Debra S Bauer to Andrew J & Marcia M Biglin, 7298 Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $182,500

Julie R Bierce to Chi M & Ronnie Lykens, 849 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $37,000

DayMark Trustee, LLC as Separate Trustee fo DayMark Master Trust to BPDM Properties 2018-1, LLC, 428 Sherman St., Galion, $84,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M Kent to First Federal Community Bank, 310 Jump St., Bucyrus, $35,700

Sheila Gordon to Darin W & Dory L Miller, 2267 Lake Galion Road East, Galion, $21,500

Charlotte A Baker to Gregory A & Verna S Schifer, Trustees, Marion Melmore Rd & Nevada Wynford Rd., Bucyrus, $225,000

Cheryl L Heistand & Mary Striebeck to Gregory A & Verna S Schifer, Trustees, Marion Melmore Rd & Nevada Wynford Rd., Bucyrus, $450,000

Larry A Heistand to Gregory A & Verna S Schifer, Trustees, Marion Melmore Rd & Nevada Wynford Rd., Bucyrus, $225,000

Thomas C White to Legacy AG LLC, 81.493 acres, Monnett Chapel Rd., Bucyrus, $675,000

Jared T Young to David D Branch, 1069 Shafer Rd., Bucyrus, $91,000

Burt T & Ashley M Weaver to Bryan A & Laura L Seybert, 902 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $133,000

Kayla L Tubbs to Austin J Ray, 603 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $65,000

Patricia R Weithman & Andrea M Wappelhorst, Trustees to Michael P & Tamara L Weithman, 3306 Beechgrove Rd., Bucyrus, $300,000

Joan E & Emery N Calloway to Lori L McLaughlin, 7110 Marion Melmore Rd., Sycamore, $175,000

Crawford County Scott M Kent to Buckeye Financial Holdings, 924 Smith St., Galion, $8,600

Ethan C Seitz to Steven G & Jerri A Willman, 7.51 Acres, Shearer Rd., Galion, $50,000

McKAYB, Ltd. To First Federal Community Bank of Bucyrus, Parking Lot in 100 Block of S Poplar St., Bucyrus, $30,000

American Homeowner Preservation LLC to CR 2018 LLC, 375 Cherry St., Galion, $17,600

Brian L & Tanya L Reber to John P & Angela C Kraft, 5072 Stetzer Rd., Bucyrus, $171,000

Paul W Ross to Coopers Mill of Bucyrus, Ltd, 124 Emerson St., Bucyrus, $115,000

Benjamin J & Amy L Hocker to Jonathan L Patton, 848 Park Rd., Crestline, $100,000

Carol A Kochheiser to Mavra A Agosto, 345 Pine St., Galion, $34,000

Kevin R Faeth to Mark E & Tammy S Collins, 631 Maple Heights Dr., Galion, $6,500

Ricky A & Robin S Smith to Robert W & Mary E Erwin, Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $16,000

Robert G Pace, Trustee to Darrell L Thobe & Hannah B Hildebrand, 1740 West Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $150,000

Marcella L Grau to Lance J Grau, 6734 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $120,000

Carl J Scott, et al to US Bank National Association, as trustee, 44995 Detroit Blvd., Galion, $10,000

Sharon Voida aka Sharon Voyda and Kathleen Heckert to Kenneth R & Amy L Newman, 5062 Henry Cooper Rd., Bucyrus, $86,000

Ben A & Rachelle L Wallace to Clyde Eugene McCleese Jr. 4505 Detroit Blvd, & 4507 Marion Ave., Galion, $19,000

Stephen Howard to Taylor Howard, 253 South St., Galion, $5,000

Ronald G Worcester to Justin Ramsey, 491 Hensley Ave., Galion, $3,000

Raymond Q, Sr & Brandi M Riddlebaugh to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 252 Orange St., Galion, $21,334

Darrel E Jr & Kimberly N Clark to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 802 East Warren St., Bucyrus, $31,920

First Federal Community Bank by Bradley P Murtiff to Matthew K Miller & Heather R Miller & Scott A Fishpaw, 310 Pump St., Bucyrus, $35,700

Lynda M & John Wagner, Trudy M Kempf to Marcy A Graham, 618 Hollywood Dr., Galion, $68,500

Ruth M Flannery fka Ruth M Dielman to Virginia Hall, 653 & 653 ½ Harding Way West, Galion, $36,200

Aaron M & Mary Beth Eckert, Mary Beth Hissom to Brian L & Tanya L Reber, 1301 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $130,500

Milton M McDougal & Paula J McDougal to Drew M Hoffer & Sarah E Mosier, 324 N Wiley St., Crestline, $68,500

Shirley L Bryden, Wanda K Warner, Elmer L Caskey, Deborah P McAlvain & Sandra L Britt to Douglas Bear, 219 E Charles St., Bucyrus, $15,000