Crestline woman appears in court, accused of stealing meds

By Kathy Laird - Crawford County Now

BUCYRUS —Monica Dees, 46, faced Crawford County Common Pleas court Sean Leuthold this week.

She was previously indicted on charges of theft of drugs in Crawford County Common Pleas Court. When Dees was unable to be served with the indictment a warrant for her arrest was issued.

According to the indictment, Dees was working as a registered nurse when it was discovered a patient was not receiving prescribed medication. Prosecutors contacted the Ohio Board of Nursing, who indicated that Dees had not been cooperative in their investigation into the allegations.

Before setting bond at $25,000, Leuthold made note of Dees’ appearance.

“You have the physical manifestation of someone struggling in a severe situation,” he said. “When I asked where you lived you could not give me a straight answer as to where you livem and you are not safe on your own.”

Leuthold appointed Counsel Tani Eyer to the case and set the matter for pre-trial.

In other court news, Harold Staiger Jr., 54, of Bloomville, will spend the next 48 months in prison after pleading guilty to drug trafficking. Drug testing revealed Staiger had been selling fentanyl.

“That makes it even worse, Mr. Staiger,” Leuthold said. “People in this county have died from fentanyl.”

Staiger interrupted the Judge. which drew his ire.

“It’s time for you to shut up and listen,” Leuthold said. “When you come out of prison you’d better find a different line of work. We don’t tolerate drug dealers in Crawford County. How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing that someone in this county might have died because you thought you were selling them heroine and they died from fentany?”

Also, Dana Kincade Jr., 42, of Upper Sandusky, tested positive for alcohol when he made an appearance in Crawford County Common Pleas Court at his second pre-trial.

Kincade decided to take his case to trial and formally turned down a plea offer. Leuthold advised Kincade that he was well within his constitutional right to go to trial and assured him that he as judge would protect those rights.

Leuthold added, “Today we tested you, just as we test all our defendants on bond. You have tested positive for the use of alcohol and that is a violation of the terms of your bond.”

Leuthold ordered bond revoked and Kincade taken into custody.

By Kathy Laird

Crawford County Now