Crawford County real estate transactions from January

Deutsche Bank National Trust as Trustee to Green Incubator US LLC, 383 South Street Rd., Galion, $67,600

Ronald E Sutler to Kenneth J Biglin & Leslie R Spangler, Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $32,500

Gregory Rumple to Gregory R.A. Rumple, 414 S Boston St., Galion, $8,250

Harry Weir to MC Productions Irrevocable Trust, 112 N Washington St., Galion, $13,500

Debra K Price, et al to US Bank Trust NA as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 1290 Harding Way East, Galion, $67,669

Scott A Beckley to Richard P & Anita Shackelford, 438 St Rt 19, Bucyrus, $189,900

Linda Anne Pullins & Pamela J Harper to Janet E Finney, 5877 Lincoln Highway, Crestline, $85,000

NISS-GALION, LLC an Ohio Limited Liability Company to R Chandat LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, St Rt 598, Galion, $287,760

HSBC Bank USA National Association as trustee, c/o Wells Fargo Bank to Castlerock 2017, LLC, 713 Brown St., Crestline, $6,000

Kathryn A Corney Estate to Burkhart Farms, LLC 301 SR 100, Galion, $285,000

Angela M Cooper to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 1119 Monnett St., Bucyrus, $18,009

Harry I Weir, unmarried to James Hernandez & Heidi Ogle, 1269 Oliver St., Galion, $19,115

Robert J Sherman to Bethany R Tanner, 1448 St Rt 294, Marion, $51,000

John T Evans & Stacy L Evans aka Stacy L Sexton to Sonja L Carman, 305 North Main St., Tiro, $24,860

Donald Heydinger et al to Walnut Grain Farms, LLC, 41.43 acres, Chatfield Center Rd, Cranberry Twp., $290,010

Kent A & Laura M Stuckey, Co-trustees to Ethan F Stuckey, 3904 St Rt 19, Bucyrus, $100,000

Robert & Rebecca Greene to Seth Schwertfager, 619 N Seltzer St., Crestline, $35,000

Raymond T & Barbara J Greenick to Hord Livestock Company, Inc., 80.86 Acres, Isaac Beal Rd., Bucyrus,$606,450

David L Tschanen to Chris B & Michelle M Tschanen, Marion Melmore Rd., Sycamore, $108,000

John L & Sara Houpt to Mohican Rentals, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, 624 Prospect St., Bucyrus and 413 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $98,000

Jacob Biederman to Zachery & Rachelle Wirick, 1668 Fairview Rd., Galion, $170,000

Bonnie M Johnson to Kimberly Bennett, 612 Sears St., Bucyrus, $34,900

Samuel R & Heather M Baer to Gregory S & Krista N Crabbe, 6033 St Rt 19, Galion, $123,000

The Sherman Family irrevocable trust dated July 25, 2017 to Kyle S & Alexis N Dowell, 517 Elmwood Dr., Bucyrus, $86,000

Cietus A & Julie E Monk to Curtis M Cox, 1314 Home Circle Dr., Bucyrus, $139,000

Mary A & David Kossick to David Andrew Kossick, 372 N Wiley St., Crestline, $39,000

Frank C Corona Jr., Trustee to Claude I & Tina M Gibson, 2478 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $125,000

Eric L Crawford to Jassen D Crawford, 1520 Knorr Rd., Galion, $126,000

Buckeye Financial Holding LLC to First National Acceptance Co, 403 W Bucyrus St., Crestline, $35,000

Geral R & Judith I Dyer to US Bank NA as Trustee, 265 North Union St., Galion, $36,667

Garrett J Leonberger, unmarried to Mark A Hagopian, 431 S Union St, Galion, $23,918

Richard Gene Taylor, unmarried to Livingston Rentals, LLC, 146 Portland Way North, Galion, $315,000

Franklin D Binion to Justin A & Enid R Ramsey, 461 Third Ave, Galion, $999

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to Justin Ratleff, 415 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $10,500

Justin Ramsey, unmarried to Jason & Megan Bash, 329 & 331 Harding Way East, Galion, $17,000

Union Home Mortgage Corp to John L & Jean A Mauler, 518 North Lane St., Bucyrus, $20,000

Ellnor L Kelly to Harry Naiche Warren, 220 Grove Ave., Galion, $35,000

George & Elain Snell to Freedom Mortage Corp. 413 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $84,050

John P & Angela C Kraft to Kathleen R Stafford & Joshua P Rogge, 6070 Windfall Rd., Galion, $190,000

Galion Land, LLC to Englefield Employee Land Corporation, 127 & 129 Portland Way South, Galion, $142,000

Ronnie H Lee, Phyllis J Henson & Vickie J Lee to Annabell Heimlich, 309 Hensley Ave., Galion, $16,000

Noreen L Dreyer, Coreen & Larry Slagel to Thomas J Keefe, 2.350 Acres , 980 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $62,500

Willmond S Cook, Trustee to Heather M Borders, 937 Winchester Rd., Galion, $76,500

Mark A Kocher, Trustee of the Kocher income access Trust Principal to Thomas R & Cheryl L Skaggs, 1829 Spore Brandywine Rd., Bucyrus, $80,000

Roger A & Juleen K Marquart to Michael A & Sandra L Kaple, Bare land on Connely Rd., Chatfield Township, $6,500

Melvin E Landis Estate to Kevin J Gottfried, 800 Bucyrus St., New Washington, $139,900

Patrick J Beaver to Gregory M Lee & Eunice J Thompson, 139 Arlington Ave., Galion, $80,000

Anita K Jones to Travis & Kensi Yoakum, 820 South St., Crestline, $32,500

Best Bet Housing, LLC to Daniel & Marcia Kieselhorst, 602 Park Ave., Galion, $64,000

Donald F & Beverly A Pfeifer to Amy M Kelly, 123 Clink Blvd., Crestline, $55,000

Investors Enterprise to JJ Investors LLC, 201 West Charles St., Bucyrus, $125,000

Noreen L Dreyer-Green & Larry V Slagle to Stephen Caleb Workman, 22.5 Acres, Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $112,500

Noreen L Dreyer-Green & Larry V Slagle to Charles R & Kimberly A Smith, 30.876 Acres, Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $200,000

Niki Lynn Weiler-Lee to Kylie Lynn Kincade, 1208 N Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $95,000

Chad N Bowling & Samantha A Corrao to Selene Finance LP, 209 East Thrust St., Crestline, $38,000

Scott L & Angela Renee Oberlander to Kyleen S Dennison & Matthew Rebon, 209 St Rt 294, Bucyrus, $145,000

Rodney L Martin to Ysmael K Martinez, 544 S Union St., Galion, $4,000

Everett H Fortner & Naomi R Fortner to Taffi L Levings, 827 Bel Air Dr., Galion, $95,000

Benjamin Campbell to Beau D & Samantha M Lambert, 7050 St Rt 96, Tiro, $100,000

Wayne E Brause, Trustee to Michael T & Vicki K Phillips, 826 South Spring St., Bucyrus, $33,000

Noreen L Dreyer-Green & Larry V Slagle to Robert D & Inez M Hord, 22.554.315 acres, Wyandot Road, Bucyrus, $425,000

RLL Holdings, Inc to Ronnie Conn, 620 S Wiley St., Crestline, $12,000

Ronnie Conn to Richard L Lester, 1274 Charles St., Galion, $12,000

Alyssa M & Joe N Horn to Clarence B Martin, 1521 Linwood Dr., Bucyrus, $97,500

Jennifer Arnold, Dave Cory Executor to Michael & Joni Potter, 1575 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $120,000

Suzann R Spreng to Longacre Farms, Inc. Leesville Rd., Lincoln Highway, Albright Rt., Bucyrus, $1,049,000Virginia A Fields, unmarried to Jason P & Rachele N Boyer, 124 N Riblet St., Galion, $45,000

Suzanne Hudson, et al to LaVon I Luidhardt, unmarried, 5852 Johnston Rd., New Washington, $60,000