December property transfers in Crawford County

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in December 2017:

Martha Faye Koysh, Sole Surviving Trustee of the William J. Koysch Family Trust & Martha Faye Koysh Family Trust both dated 9/13/2000 to Josiah S. Bauer, 828 Beardsley Rd., Galion, $99,900

Jerry R. King and Sandra L. King to Douglas A. Shade and Rachelle N. Shade, Crestline Rd., Galion, $39,900

Richard L. Lester to Duane O. Swart, 715, 811 & 817 E. Main St., Crestline, $203,500

Linda L. Campbell, Trustee to Wendy M. Knapp, 419 Beechwood Dr., Galion, $69,900

Cindy L. Leitzy, Trustee of The Kozinski Keystone Inheritance Trust to Aaron M. Eckert and Mary Beth Eckert, 1035 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $ 122,500

Cynthia Lee Neff Schifer to DT Petroleum Real Estate LLC, 209-213 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $113,500

Thomas L. Etchison and Joella L. Etchison to Ira S. Hess Jr. and Holli A. Hess and Cole A. Hess, 675 Crescent Way, Galion, $77,900

Paul B. Barker to First Federal Community Bank, 2088 S. R. 98, Bucyrus, $42,000

U.S. Bank, N.A. to Stewart & Tina Clapper, 5665 W. State Route 19, Galion, $83,000*

Shelby L. Brown (Shirley) to Tiffany M. Stocksdale, 3393 Monnett New Winchester Rd., Caledonia, $160,000

Jerry R. King & Sandra L. King to Fred W. & Shirley A. Pfleiderer, .99 acre in Jefferson Twp. Crawford County, $3,000

Barbara A. Rossman to Jimmy L. Bloomfield & Tammy, 840 Cherry Lane, Bucyrus, $60,000

Daniel Campbell to Carol A. Corbin, 1450 Sara Ave., Galion, $47,000

U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, successor in interest to Bank to Ben Skaggs, 4965 Lower Leesville Rd., Bucyrus, $19,000

Grant A. & Deidre M. Rodgers to Randy J. & Stacy L. Ratliff, 4.34 acres on 5651 Lincoln Hwy., Bucyrus, $25,000

Bobby G. Music Estate to Anna Greer, 521 E. Main St., Crestline, $25,000

Tamara J. Johnson to Dannie R. Barker, 317 South Walnut St., Bucyrus, $63,000

Debra S. Muntis, Executrix to Mason L. Flohr & Shelbie L. Schramek, 7294 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $79,414

Brett M. DeGray and Angela M. DeGray, husband and wife to Kent A. Rachel and Amy J. Rachel, Fairview Rd., Galion, $4,300

Arlene G. Peebles, deceased to Austin P. Chaplin, 735 Chiswick Pl., Galion, $82,000

Andrew V. Krebs and Jessica L. Krebs to Richard E. Gray and Inez M. Gray Trustees, 608 Bucyrus St., New Washington, $5,000

Estate of Lois Nye to Michael H. Recker, 0 Dickson Rd., New Washington, $16,000

Gabriel W. Helbert & Ashleigh L. Helbert to Andreas Mueller & Allison L. Mueller, 3496 Bethel Rd., Bucyrus, $170,000

Grant A. & Deidre M. Rodgers to Randy J. & Stacy L. Ratliff, 5651 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $350,000

Bobby J. Richmond to David Wm. Keller, Trustee, 411 N. Columbus St., Galion, $35,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to First Federal Community Bank, 512 Bucyrus St., New Washington, $35,333*

Nellie J. Tuscan to Rodney W. Matney and Heidi Y. Matney, Harding Way East, Galion, $5,000

Antionette M. Grimes, Trustee to Rodney W. Matney and Heidi Y. Matney, Harding Way East, Galion, $5,000

Chad W. & Brandy L. Hoepf to Gabriel & Ashleigh Helbert, 2380 Spore-Brandywine Rd., Bucyrus, $34,900

Steven J. Hall, Tamara L. Deel to Carol. L. Foght, 1450 Fairview Rd., Galion, $107,000

Melinda G. Tubbs to Spencer L. Schnittke, 306 Clink Blvd., Crestline, $89,000

Kristine L. Turner to Quicken Loans, Inc., 390 E. Brandt Rd., Galion, $34,667*

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Water Street Properties, Inc., 424 N. Washington Ave., Crestline, $12,000*

Tracey Howard to Cody Bauer and Kimberly Bauer, 2839 Quaintance Rd., Bucyrus, $180,000

Andrew R. Eichhorn and Darlene K. Eichhorn to Walker K. Carr, 8128 Millsboro Rd., Galion, $180,000

Yon Ha, fka Yon Hyong Haymond, fka Yon H. Bowman to Jennay L. Stewart and Billy J. Carroll, 225 East Livingston Ave., Crestline, $35,000

GE Power Electronics, Inc. to JBS Development, LLC, 1378 State Route 598, Galion, $485,000

Marline J. Vance and Steven R. Vance to Brian J. McAvoy, 519 W. Thrush Ave., Crestline, $61,200

Timothy L. Cover to Koehler Acres LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Co., Crawford Wyandot Line Rd., Nevada, $502,125

Second Chance Liberty LLC by SN Servicing Corp. to Brandon L. Eidson and Chelsea L. Eidson, 419 East Charles St., Bucyrus, $18,900

Integral Sycamore Farms LLC to Brent J. & Jarrenn A. Richardson, 1986 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $70,500

David E. Cowgill to Charles E. Blevins, Jr., 605 E. Renssalaer St., Bucyrus, $20,000

Doris E. Teets to Ronald J. Gerhart & Deborah K. Gerhart Trustee, 2340 Kerstetter Rd., Bucyrus, $124,000

Joseph R. Hedeen and Nicole M. Hedeen to Mychal A. Deeb, 802 S. Boston St., Galion, $98,500

CHAH, LLC to Bennington Brothers, LLC, 422 South Union St., Galion, $25,000

Steven T. Frazee and Lori A. Ehresman, Successor Co-Trustees to Randall C. Mason, 555 Michael Ave., New Washington, $98,000

Terry A. Dameron and Janis K. Dameron, husband and wife to Tim Baldinger and Kathy Bryant, 720 S. Boston St., Galion, $49,500

Deanna Sweitzer to Craig Pendleton, 307 3rd St., Galion, $7,100

Ronald J. and Deborah K. Gerhart, Trustees to Ernestine Kay Eidson, 814 Arrowhead Dr., Bucyrus, $220,000

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. to Jeunesse Young & Raymond E. Young, Jr., 852 South Spring St., Bucyrus, $14,000

Carissa M. Biglin, Executor to Colin C. & Samantha J. Pneuman, 4037 Kiess Rd., Bucyrus, $105,000

Kathryn A. Erlsten to Galion Community Theatre Inc., 135 Harding Way W., Galion, $75,000

Christopher L. Hulsmeyer to Luke A. Sherman, 7141 State Route 19, Bloomville, $80,400

The Huntington National Bank to Willow R. Manley, 132 N. Jefferson St., Galion, $28,000

Maria M. Winemiller to Michael L. & Teresa L. Cooney, 1.003 acres on 1891 & 1855 Temple Rd., Bucyrus, $10,000

George G. Hornak and Mary J. Hornak to Zorns & Byers, Ltd., 321 West Center St., Bucyrus, $5,000

Decagon LLC to Nathan D. Brady, 620 S. Thoman St., Crestline, $5,000

DST Investments, LLC to Andrea J. Smith, 635 Crew Ave., Galion, $32,000

Joseph Dzugan to Monsignor William J. Kubacki, Trustee under The Diocese of Toledo Properties Trust Agreement, 528 N. Columbus St., Crestline, $30,310

Estate of Carolyn Clever to Edwin P. Benjamin, 663 Willowcrest Lane, Galion, $49,900

Robert G. Conley and Rosanne M. Conley to Mark L. Sargent and Melissa A. Sargent, 8008 Solinger Rd., Crestline, $191,000

Jeffrey D. Flowers and Karen E. Flowers to James L. Murphy, 435 West Church St., Galion, $238,400

Robert D. Heft and Joan C. Heft, husband and wife to Dawn Staiger, 3865 Marion-Melmore Rd., Nevada, $22,500

Sylvia D. Purcell to Jamie F. Miller & Maranda M. Furr, 616 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $10,000

First Federal Community Bank of Bucyrus to James D. Mee and Sue E. Mee, 2088 State Route 98, Bucyrus, $45,000

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure