October property transfers in Crawford County

The following Property Transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of October 2017:

James M. O’Brien & Tracey L. Schultz nka Tracey L. O’Brien to Shawn P. Minger, 638 Virginia Ave., Bucyrus, $119,000

Lynda K. Wenzel to Jarrod F. Crabaugh, 6566 Loss Creek Rd., Tiro, $86,500

Weldon G. Shealy and Violet R. Shealy to Joshua M. Gebhardt and Jessica M. Gebhardt, 105 W. Kilbourne Dr., Bucyrus, $120,000

Allen D. Hardymon to Nancy Eulett, 435 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $58,000

Deane F. Cobler and Helen A. Cobler to Kendra A. Edwards, 423 Cherry St., Galion, $56,500

Jonathan Pierce and Bethany R. Pierce to Caleb M. Nigh and Jesselyn T. Nigh, 528 Cherry St., Galion, $80,100

Travis T. & Erin A. Moyer to Christopher & Katherine Wurm, 1555 W. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $244,000

Town Street Rentals, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company to Ashton J. Bell, 321 Grove Ave., Galion, $40,000

Michael C. Jarvis and Hannah E. Jarvis to Allison N. Jones, 341 Pine St., Galion, $70,000

David L. Green and Neva L. Greenich to Aaron D. Gerber and Sarah L. Gerber, 510 West Livingston Ave., Crestline, 45,000

David L. Greenich and Neva L. Greenich to Aaron D. Gerber and Sarah L. Gerber, 501 South Wiley St., Crestline, $45,000

Sheriff of Crawford County Chad Laipply to First Federal Community Bank, 321 Short St., Bucyrus, $39,334

Jammie L. Cook to Kevin L. & Marjorie E. Blankenship, 4487 State Route 19, Bucyrus, $28,000

Edward J. McCaffrey and Mary Louise Badgley to Jack A. Campbell and Janette Campbell Bilsing, Trustees of The Campbells, 227 Maynard Ave., Crestline, $89,000

Kaylee M. Hiatt to Abbey M. Eckert, 323 Westgate Rd., Galion, $63.000

Linda S. Davy to The Maynard L. Wilson and Margie M. Wilson Revocable Trust, dated November 5, 2013, 929 Snowmass Rd., Galion, $178,000

Thomas R. and Melanie Houdeshell to Terry Houdeshell, 292 Washington St., Sycamore, $144,288

Valeda F. Tanner to Kenneth Tanner, 605 State Route 97, Galion, $150,000

Robert John Sherman to Tia M. Rupe, 430 East Charles St., Bucyrus, $55,000

Jeremy S. Gayheart and Angela D. Gayheart to Michael Walsh and Ellyn E. Walsh, 5445 Bucyrus St., North Robinson, $93,500

Carrington Mortgage Services L.L.C. to Kevin T. & Shawn L. Teynor, 4684 Stetzer St., Bucyrus, $80,000

Michiel Ventrone, Trustee to Joseph R. Enderle, 202 W. Summit St., Galion, $46,000

Mary Smith, Trustee to Donald R. Seymour and Deloris a. Seymour, 2459 Nazor Rd., Crestline, $107,000

Joshua A. McCleese and Alicia L. McCleese to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 585 Portland Way North, Galion, $54,000*

Robert A. Johnston to Mark Collins and Tammy Collins, 580 North Union St., Galion, $22.000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Nathan Miller, 529 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Janice P. Cannon, a/k/a Janice Cannon to KeyBank National Association, 7891 State Route 309, Galion,


Peter J. Dzugan to Dylan Dzugan, 524 N. Henry St., Crestline, $30,000

Kevin L. Biederman and Jacklyn Biederman to Murrel Lewis and Justin R. Lewis, 1355 Biddle Rd., Galion, $200,000

Estie Rentals Family Partnership to Crawford County Land Reutilization Corp., 311 E. Warren St., Bucyrus, $2,500

Matthew M. Barton and Kimberly M. Barton to Joshua B. Barnett and Ashley M. Barnett, 568 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, 158,000

Gary R. Bevier, Trustee of The Robert E. Bevier Living Trust and* to Ludwig Zier, Jr. and Connie J. Zier, Trustees and/or Successor**, 7233-7235 Lincoln Highway, Crestline, $20,000

Michelle R. Arcudi to James H. Martin, III and Sarah D. Martin, 3604 State Route 61, Crestline, $162,000

Renee Boyd and M. Jason Ellenberger, Co-trustees of the Spencer Key to Mark E. Spencer and Cathy D. Spencer, 287 Arnold St., Crestline, $98,900

Eric Bellamy to Randall F. Saum, 505 Bauer Ave., Crestline, $4,000

Buckeye Arms, Ltd., an Ohio Limited Liability Company to Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust*, 1140-1162 North Market St., Galion, $1,295,000

Earl D. Eicher and Cynthia J. Carroll and Jason K. Nutell to Carol A. Kirgis, 250 East Bucyrus St., Crestline,


Zachary E. Bauer & Erin R. to John N. Schiefer & Vanessa F. Schiefer, 3.18 Acres Spore Brandywine Rd., Nevada, $15,000

Zachery E. & Erin R. Bauer to Robert C. and Karina J. Barry, 564 Spore Brandywine Rd., Nevada, $130,000

William J. Cole, Jr. & Loretta J. to Dustin Guy Ritchie, 4461 McBride Rd., Bucyrus, $136,000

Brooke Dicus and Valerie Eichhorn to Emily Andrews, 401 Gill Ave., Galion, $89,500

Charles A. Duell and Mary Ann Duell to Tyler W. Hale and Kasey K. Hale, 2285 Nazor Rd., Crestline, $160,000

The Huntington National Bank to Todd L. Casto and Brandy A. Myers, 142 North Union St., Galion, $16,900

Everett H. Fortner and Naomi R. to Robert W. Wagner, 836 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $59,900

JC Church & Jeannitta Church to Zachary Bauer & Erin R., 3148 Oak Dr., Bucyrus, $199,900

Sheriff of Crawford Co. to Gene S. Howell & Bonnie S. Howell, Trustees. 6967 Sandusky Ave., Bloomville, $5,000

Loretta E. Page to The Bank of New York Mellon FKA The Bank of New York, 6502 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $59,500*

Richard L. Houseburg to U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, 4965 Lower Leesville Rd., Bucyrus, $34,000*

Brenda L. Legg, et al to Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper, 201 North Main St., Tiro, $43,550

Carol M. Scheffler to Mark O. & Deborah K. Shealy, 420 Hill St., Bucyrus, $41,400

Jeremy D. Dunn to Justin Scenters and Cassandra Scenters, 6810 Sandusky Ave., Chatfield, $70,000

Roger W. Sites and Jeweldean Sites to Wanda L. Wittman and Todd Wittman, 1028 Charles St., Galion, $69,900

Travis W. & Sara Kay Cotsamire to Kenneth R. Eddington, 7081 Crawford Wyandot County Line Rd., Sycamore, $19,000

Patricia J. Morral, Trustee to Kocher Properties of Tiro, LLC, 6063 Stough Rd., Tiro, $132,072

Barbara S. Lewis, Trustee to Linda Kay Detillion, 1120 Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, $140,000

Bimlar, Inc., an Ohio Corporation to Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust*, 220 South Walnut St. and 200 East Warren St., Bucyrus, $375,000

LIND-JEM, Inc. an Ohio Corp. to Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust*, 300 East Warren St. and 220 South Lane St., Bucyrus, $375,000

Richard H. Rossman & Natalie S Bunker, Trustee to Jennifer Leann Wentz, Stetzer Rd., Bucyrus, $2,126.76

Kathryn A. Corney, Estate to Terry Corney and Cheryl S. Corney, husband and wife, 301 S R 100, Galion, $94,000

Larry W. Swain and Lisa M. Swain, husband and wife to Brooke N. Dicus, 595 Chiswick Pl., Galion, $179,900

Sharon F. Powell to Kenneth N. Reynolds, 6139 Tracht Dr., Galion, $129,000

Judy G. Fulkerson, deceased to Arlen Enterprises, LLC, 640 Grove Ave., Galion, $30,000

Voteforce, LLC to James K. Bogart Jr. and Brenda Jean Akers, 887 East Walnut St., Galion, $33,757.69

Darrell R. Brown to Todd A. Adkins, 5796 State Route 39, Tiro, $135,000

Michael S. Mason to Marshall L. Perry and Glenna E. Perry, 691 Willowcrest Lane, Galion, $70,000

Kent E. Miller to Margaret L. Patterson, 240 Third Ave., Galion, $50,000

Brent W. Stevens to Kourtney Lynn Tallentire, 604 W. Church St., Galion, $56,500

Lawrence W. Oney and JoAnn Oney to Jayson W. Stover, 528 N. Henry St., Crestline, $45,000

Lutz Bros. LTD. to Jeffrey L. Bessinger and Sarah N. Bessinger, 1530 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $40,000

Robert Touby Nash to Nathan J. Hickerson, 907 Cloverdale Dr., Crestline, $37,500

The Profit Sharing Committee of the William H. Morris Profit Sharing Trust to Anna Greer, 6813 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $26,500

Rene J. Smith to Larry D. Merwine, 332 N. Pearl St., Crestline, $57,000

W. Todd Martin & Heather L. Martin to David & Donna Armstrong, 523 South Walnut St., Bucyrus, $117,000

Matthew E. & Christine E. Crall to Danette L. Richardson, 1523 Fairview Ave., Bucyrus, $95,000

Peoples Savings and Loan Company to Elijah Gilliam Jr. and Darcy L. Garrett, 1110 Orra St., Bucyrus, $15,000

Robert Wireman and Kenneth J. Wireman aka Kennetta Jean Wireman, husband and wife to Larry Sipes,

310 Hensley Ave., Galion, $30,000

Jeffrey D. Flowers and Karen E. Flowers, husband and wife to Neal D. Rinehart and Jeanie D. Rinehart, 127 Gill Ave., Galion, $50,000

James F. Miller, Administrator of Estate of James H. Miller to Maranda Furr, 1103 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $16,600

David A. Miller to Kurt M. Dobbins, 851 South Boston St., Galion, 855 S. Boston St., Galion, $92,500

Gregory A. Poth and Deborah L. Poth to Tyler Howell, 767 South Boston St., Galion, $67,000

Harter Builders, Ltd. to Committed Builders, Ltd., 6.442 acres, vacant land, Bucyrus, $60,000

Justin A. Ramsey to Laura B. Lott, 527 Hensley Ave., Galion, $11,550

Stephen A. Blizzard and Lisa A. Blizzard to Gage Fenton Roe and Kayle Michelle

Ort, 119 W. Center St., Bucyrus, $66,000

Gorman E. Garland and Victoria R. Garland to Eric A. Studer, 6879 Sandusky Ave., Chatfield, $25,000

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Connie D. Montgomery, 121 East Payne Ave., Galion, $22,500

Donald A. Dieterly and Andrea K. Dieterly to Eric Wakely, 920 North Henry St., Crestline, $73,900

Michelle R. Arcudi to Emilee Hopkins, 3625 Brannon Rd., Crestline, $95,000

Scott D. Hoover & Heather N. to W. Todd Martin & Heather L., 341 W. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $130,000

Scott A. Miller to Joseph M. Teynor, 1107 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $12,000

Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure*