Galion students celebrate 100 days of school

GALION — Students at Galion Intermediate School celebrated the 100th day of classes with a myriad of activities this week. The official 100th day was Wednesday, Jan. 31.

One of the activities involved students creating “100th Day T-Shirts” they were allowed to wear Wednesday. Students were encouraged to collect 100 items to attach to — or draw on — a t-shirt to celebrate the occasion.

“This is always a fun activity for students and staff,” said Galion Intermediate School principal Alex Sharrick. “It’s great to see the creativity of the students with their 100th day t-shirts!”

Students and staff members also participated in the building-wide 100 Random Acts of Kindness. Students recorded their acts of kindness on hearts and posted them in their grade-level hallway.

“The goal for each class was to achieve at least 100 acts of kindness,” said Lesley Buzza, a third-grade teacher and the event organizer. “We also developed other activities involving poems, songs, math games, crafts and a science experiment called Lollipop Licks, designed to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop!”

“It’s great to see our staff members engaging students in these kinds of fun, interactive activities to celebrate the 100th day of classes,” said Jim Grubbs, Galion Superintendent. “I’m especially proud of the 100 Random Acts of Kindness activity because it encourages our students to think of others first and find ways to brighten someone else’s day.”


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