Final update: Galion Middle School deemed safe after search for explosives

Students will return be returned to school at 1 p.m.

GALION — Galion Middle School students will be returning to their building later this afternoon.  Following a search of the building after an early morning bomb threat, an all-clear was given by law enforcement officials.

Students were evacuated to the high school shortly after the threat this morning.  At that time Galion Superintendent Jim Grubbs, in an automated phone call to parents, said that students were safe and that law enforcement officials were on the scene.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., Grubbs in a second automated call, informed parents that the middle school building and grounds had been searched by law enforcement and was declared to be safe.  Students and staff will remain at the high school until 1 pm.

This message was posted earlier this morning by Galion City Schools on its Facebook page:

The Galion City School District received a bomb threat mid-morning at the Galion Middle School Tuesday, Jan. 23.

“We are working collaboratively with the Galion City Police Department, Galion Fire Department and Crawford County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the Galion Middle School is safe and secure,” said Jim Grubbs, Galion Superintendent. “We take threats to the safety and security of our students and staff very seriously and will work diligently to secure the building.”

The Galion City Police Department and Galion Fire Department are leading the investigation and search of the Galion Middle School.

“We are working to make sure the Galion Middle School is safe and secure,” said Brian Saterfield, Galion City Police Chief. “I appreciate the assistance of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies to make sure our building is secure.”

The district is requesting that parents and families of Galion Middle School students remain calm and stay away from the school campus to allow law enforcement to complete their investigation. Additional information will be shared with families and the community as it becomes available.


As of 10:50 a.m., middle school and high school students were being fed lunch and appeared calm. An armored vehicle arrived on the scene about 10:45 a.m.. Those officers were likely involved in the search of the building. The Galion Police Department and Crawford County Sheriff’s Office are on the scene.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.