Galion students ready for Academic Challenge

GALION — Galion Intermediate School students have been busy preparing for the annual Academic Challenge competition at Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center on Tuesday and Wednesday in Mansfield.

They have practicing on Fridays after school with teachers Neal Rinehart and Paula Seng. Students split into teams to practice answering challenging questions on white boards, play Jeopardy or other similar trivia-themed games to get more practice with the buzzers.

“The students work on understanding the format for answering and stealing questions from the other school when they miss a question, as well as how the lightning round works,” said Rinehart, a fifth-grade teacher and coach. “They also work on many types of questions in the areas of math, literature, geography, history, economics and science.”

This competition is important for students because it is an opportunity for those who have shown academic excellence in the classroom to be recognized for their hard work. Students get a chance to engage in fun, friendly competition with others, making the Academic Challenge a great learning opportunity.

“I’ve even learned new things from attending tournaments the past few years,” said Seng, a fourth-grade teacher and coach. “The questions are tough, and the great part of coaching Academic Challenge is watching how often the kids will come up with correct answers to seemingly impossible questions!”

Fourth-grade students competing in the Academic Challenge include: Paige Beach, Jacob Chambers, Logan Estep, Jazmin Fair, Adalie Flick, Ava Franks, Marissa Godfrey, Chloe Jutz, Carly Kent, Jasleen Mann, Autumn Miller, Emma Perman, Collin Pelen, Isabella Ruiz, Aiden Smith and Courtney Viock, Bianca White. Fifth-grade students include: Carson Ahlefeld, Sarah Peoples, Cohen Pierce, Nathan McMullen, Jillian Capretta, Jaxon Manley, Ella Steele and Jack Rinehart.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to coach this group of fifth graders,” Rinehart said. “We were together last year for academic challenge as fourth graders and look forward to success at the tournaments.”


Staff report