How are you spending this wintry weekend?

Share some pictures with the Galion Inquirer

GALION — I shoveled 4-6 inches of show today from sidewalks in my neighborhood. And it was less cold than I expected.

And I’m going to make soup.

How are you spending your Saturday and Sunday?

Take some photos and send them to Russ Kent at and I’ll share them online and maybe use a few in the next print edition of the Galion Inquirer.

If you or your kids or your pets are out and about and enjoying the fresh coat of snow — or scraping and de-icing vehicles and sidewalks and driveways as you curse Mother Nature — take a few pictures and share them with readers at the Galion Inquirer.

I’d like to put together a gallery or two of people playing or snowmobiling or skating or building igloos or sledding or making snow angels or constructing forts and snow sculptures.

Where are the best sledding places around Galion? Back in the day, there was a hill off Knorr Road and the hill by No. 10 at Galion Country Club and No. 11 at Valley View. I don’t think any of those options are available anymore. So where do people use sleds and snowboards around here?

Is there somewhere people gather to ice skate? When I grew up there was  big pond off Evans Drive. I mostly watched, because I am not good with skates.

Are their ponds where people are ice-fishing?

If you’re out taking a walk, take a picture with your phone. If you see something that looks interesting to you, others will likely find it interesting, as well.

If it’s too cold outside, are you having fun inside. Are you cooking, planning a slumber party, playing board or video games with the kids. Let us know — with a few photos — how you are spending your day.

Send them to and the Inquirer will post a gallery when we get enough photos to. We may even put some of the photos in the next print edition of the Galion Inquirer.