A little yoga goes a long way for Galion Intermediate School staff

GALION — Every Monday afternoon after a long day educating young minds, Galion Intermediate School staff members have an opportunity to relax and unwind before beginning their evening routine.

How are they doing it? A new yoga program called “Monday Boosters,” led by yoga instructor Alison Turnbaugh, who is the co-owner and instructor at Evolve Studio in Belleville and Mansfield.

“Anyone who participates in a yoga practice gains physical benefits,” Turnbaugh said. “They also are learning to deepen their breath and relax their minds. A yoga practice requires a mind/body connection and everyone can benefit from recharging their minds regularly.”

Third-grade teacher Kim Chandler had a hand in Turnbaugh coming to Galion

“I met Alison three years ago while she was still teaching and the summer pilates schedule in Ontario,” Chandler said. “I contacted Alison last spring about piloting a student-focused yoga program to help about a dozen students at the Intermediate School with attention, emotional and behavior issues.”

The students in the pilot program showed noticeable improvement in attitude and behavior, and the Intermediate School intends to start the student-focused program during the second nine weeks of the current school year.

The yoga program for staff and students is part of The Leader in Me program, which encourages a “pause” between emotions and reactions.

Staff members have been engaged in their yoga program since the start of the school year.

“They are experiencing physical benefits, strengthening, stretching and working on balance,” said Turnbaugh. “The staff is also gaining mental benefits by taking one hour out of their day to recharge and bring peace within themselves.”


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