Man with several fake IDs denied bond

BUCYRUS — Abdulai M. Habib, 27, will not be released on bond after being indicted by a Crawford County grand jury. Habib appeared in court with his attorney Adam Stone to enter a not guilty plea and learn his bond.

“Bond is not only designed to protect the community but to ensure that a defendant shows up for court” Judge Sean Leuthold said.

Habib faces one count of possessing criminal tools and six counts of forgery. He was stopped in Crawford County for speeding when it was discovered that he possessed several fake ID’s and approximately 200 cards to be printed. He also possessed a fake passport.

While it was determined that Habib is in the United States legally, Leuthold advised Habib that if he is found guilty of the charges or even pleads no contest to them, he could face deportation quickly.

In appointing Stone as Habib’s attorney, Leuthold noted that Stone has some experience in immigration law. At Stone’s request, Leuthold said he would take another look at bond if he was presented with compelling factors to warrant it.

In other court news, Jason Westerfield, 40, of Mansfield turned down a plea deal and decided to go to trial. Westerfield was charged with one count of a first-degree charge for aggravated robbery and one second-degree felony charge for felonious assault.

It is alleged that on or about June 24, Westerfield robbed a residence in Crestline. The felonious assault charge was filed because of an alleged attempt to flee the scene that resulted in serious physical harm.

Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall offered Westerfield a four-year prison sentence with possible judicial release after serving two years.

Before setting a date for trial, Leuthold wanted to make sure Westerfield understood the gravity of his decision.

“Mr. Westerfield, you have every right to a jury trial in this matter,” Leuthold said. “But, l want you to understand that if convicted you are looking at 19 years in prison. You are declining a single-digit sentence for a potential of 19 years.”

After Westerfield acknowledged that he understood his decision, Leuthold set the trial for Sept. 7.

Stephanie Foust, 25, of Crestline pleaded not guilty to one count of vandalism, which allegedly resulted in more than $1,000 damages Monday.

She is accused of kicking a car. A personal recognizance bond was set and she was ordered to have no contact with the victim. Before concluding the matter Leuthold let her know that nothing gets by him going on around the courthouse.

“By the way, watch where you throw your cigarette butts around here,” Leuthold said. “Yes, my security officers keep me informed of everything and they observed you fling a cigarette butt into mid-air. Don’t litter.”

Brice Ison, 19, of Bucyrus pleaded not guilty to a charge of corruption of another involving drugs.

Per allegations Ison sold marijuana to an 11-year-old girl and then smoked it with her. Reports say the girl’s mother contacted police regarding the incident. Bond was set at $150,000 and attorney Jeff Stoll was assigned to represent Ison.

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By Kathy Laird

Special to the Inquirer