New school year means policy changes for students

GALION — The start of the new school year brought about many changes for students who attend Galion City Schools, from new policies for cell phones to alterations in the district dress policy.

Building administrators conducted a pilot program at the end of the 2016-2017 school year in which students were allowed to wear shirts that were Galion colors; orange, blue, white and gray. The “Spirit Wear” could include anything that promoted Galion sports, choir, band and other student-activities.

“We found that students responded very positively to the pilot program,” said high school assistant principal Jacob Grove. “The board of education approved this change, and we appreciate their support.”

If a student does not wear “Spirit Wear,” they are required to wear standard “Campus Wear,” which includes a blue, orange, white or gray collared shirt. All students are still required to wear brown or blue khaki pants, regardless of whether they wear a “Spirit Wear” or “Campus Wear” top.

“The new changes in the policies give us more freedom and also more responsibility,” said junior Alex Eckert. “The new dress code is so much more comfortable and still looks appropriate. It’s very smart.”

“Spirit Wear was previously only allowed on Fridays and did not include the color gray,” said Grove. “There are no changes to the dress code policy if a student chooses not to wear Spirit Wear. The Campus Wear policies and expectations are the same other than adding the color gray.”

Another policy change for high school students involves the use of cell phones during the school day. Previously, students were not allowed to have their phone with them. The devices were to be kept in their lockers at all times.

“The new cell phone policy allows students to utilize their cell phone between classes and at lunch,” said Grove. “There is specific language and rules for wireless communication devices, which are outlined in the student handbook that all students and their families should review.”

In addition to the policy changes, high school administrators made changes to several physical areas of the building, which included new seating in the cafetorium and the media center.

“We added high top tables and chairs to allow students to have more seating selections during their lunch periods,” high school principal Ron Williams said. “We also added lounge seating to the media center to give that area of our building a ‘college-like’ feel, and provide our students with different options when utilizing the media center.”

“I love the new tables and seating in the lunch room and library,” said senior Julie Clouse. “It makes the school feel more comfortable, and I think it’s a good move!”

The changes and new additions are all positive steps in providing Galion students with a unique, individualized education.

“I challenged our building leadership teams to come up with new ideas for enhancing the learning environments for our students,” Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “I’m excited to hear the feedback we receive from our High School students and their families about the additions to the student learning environment and the positive policy changes.”

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