Galionite gets three years on drug charge

BUCYRUS — Crawford County Common Pleas Court Judge Sean Leuthold recently sentenced Ashley Washington, 32, of Galion to three years in prison on Wednesday

Washington was indicted by a grand jury on a possession of drugs charge. According to the indictment, Washington “knowingly obtained, possessed or used Oxycodone, a controlled substance.”

It was further alleged that Washington had the drug in bulk,making the charges a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 36 months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

While sentencing Washington, Leuthold acknowledged the bulk amount of drugs involved, but said he would consider judicial release if the state makes a motion for it.

“You’d better do something that makes me believe you deserve a second chance,” Leuthold said.

In other court happenings, a Crestline man’s 10th OVI charge was enough for him to be sent to prison for a second time Kenneth Grimes, 48, of Crestline picked up his 10th OVI and his second in two years.

Before sentencing Grimes to 18 months in prison, Leuthold told Grimes: “This quite frankly stuns me. You continue to do the same thing. You know you have no rights to drive for a lifetime, and yet you’re out there driving.”

When asked where he was, Grimes admitted he was at a friend’s party on the same street where he lives and decided to drive home.

“I wish I could take that decision back, but I can’t”, Grimes said.

Leuthold said: “I’m sending you to prison because you earned it”.

The Judge went on to note that while drug addiction and other drug-related crimes have taken the forefront in Crawford County, alcohol is still around and causing similar types of cases.

“Look Mr. Grimes, you can sit in your house and drink yourself to death,” Leuthold said. “That’s your choice, but when you put the community in danger with your behavior, then it’s my choice to send you to prison. You have no right putting the rest of us at risk.”

Allegations of being intoxicated and getting into an altercation with his victim caused David Burger III of Bucyrus to receive a $450,000 bond. Bond was increased from $100,000 to $450,00 because the alleged victim is seven months pregnant. Berger violated his community control from an original case of domestic violence. He was found in possession of methamphetamines and marijuana, and tested positive for them Aug. 22.

Leuthold entered a not guilty plea on Burger’s behalf and appointed attorney Brian Gernert as his lawyer.

Richard Austin, 46, of Tiro changed his plea in court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to breaking and entering. Due to not being eligible for prison with a fifth-degree felony, Leuthiold placed Austin on felony probation.

“You’re going on five years of community control,” Leuthold said. “This is a big deal … felony probation. If I say jump, you say how high, and if you violate the terms of this community control you will go to prison.”

Crestline man sentenced on 10th OVI offense

By Kathy Laird

Special to the Inquirer

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