Crawford County Fair results

Quilts are displayed at the Crawford County Fair.

Quilts are displayed at the Crawford County Fair.

A sheep relaxes at the Crawford County Fair.

A drawing is shown at the Crawford County Fair.

Fair Results 2015

Girls Free Throw 1st place winners – completed grades

3rd and 4th

Grace Stucky (Wynford)

5th and 6th

Taylor Ratcliff (Buckeye Central)

7th and 8th

Alysia Pine

9th and 10th

Allison Larvson

11th an 12th

Jennifer McCleese (Colonel Crawford)

Out of School-Past Graduation

Natalie Wagner (Olentangy)

Boys Free Throw first place winners – completed grades

3rd and 4th

Logan Keller (Sacred Heart)

5th and 6th

Mason Studer (Colonel Crawford)

7th and 8th

Judson Gregory (Home Schooled)

9th and 10th

Jack Reed (Wynford)

Out of School-Past Graduation

Chad Liming (Wynford)

North Central District Angus Show

First Place Winners

Class 1 Junior Heifer Calves: Lane Bauer

Class 2 Junior Heifer Calves: Lane Sautter

Class 3 Senior Heifer Calf: Levi Hartschuh

Champion Heifer Calf: Lane Sautter

Class 4 Junior Yearling: Jenna Siegle

Champion Jumior Female: Jenna Siegle

Class 5 Cow/Calf Pairs: Jeri Starlin

Class 6 Cow/Calf Pairs: Wagner Angus

Champion Cow/Calf: Wagner Angus

Grand Champion Female: Jenna Siegle

Class 7 Bull Calves: Champion Bull Calf: Casey Wagner

Class 8 Steer: Champion Steer: Levi Hartschuh

Class 9 Feeder Calves: Julia Feik

Class 10 Feeder Calves: Lane Sutter

Champion Feeder Calf: Lane Sutter

Supreme Champion Overall: Jenna Siegle

Senior Showmanship ages 14 to 21 as of January 1, 2015

Senior Division Winner: Jenna Siegle

Junior Showmanship ages 13 and under as of January 1, 2015

Junior Division Winner: Lane Bauer

Department #3 Beef Cattle

First Place Winners


Summer Heifer Calf: Levi Hartschuh


Jr. Yearling Heifer: Jenna Siegel


Jr. Bull Calf: Nick and Darlene Wagner

Heifers: Nick and Darlene Wagner

Jr. Yearling Heifer: Jenna Seigel

Sr. Heifer Calf: Levi Hartschuh

Jr. Heifer Calf: Kathryn Sautter

Grand Champion: Jenna Siegel

Two Heifers, bred and owned by exhibitor: Nick and Darlene Wagner

Pair of Calves Jr. & Sr. Calf classes, both sexes: Nick and Darlene Wagner

Get-of-Sire, 4 animals any age, get one of sire: Nick and Darlene Wagner

Jr. Get-of-Sire, 3 animals: Nick and Darlene Wagner


Jr. Yearling Bull: Rod Vogel

Summer Yearling Bull: Lee Vogel

Sr. Bull Calf: Rod Vogel

Jr. Bull Calf: Lee Vogel

Bull Calf: Rod Vogel

Grand Champion: Rod Vogel


Females: Lee Vogel

Sr. Yearling: Lee Vogel

Jr. Yearling Heifer: Rod Vogel

Summer Heifer: Lee Vogel

Sr. Heifer Calf: Rod Vogel

Jr. Heifer Calf: Rod Vogel

Heifer Calf: Lee Vogel

Grand Champion Overall: Lee Vogel

Two Heifers, bred and owned by exhibitor: Rod Vogel

Pair of Yearlings, from Jr. to Sr. classes: Rod Vogel

Pair of Calves, from Jr. to Sr. classes, both sexes represented: Rod Vogel

Get-of-Sire, 4 animals any age, get one of sire: Rod Vogel

Jr. Get-of-Sire, 3 animals: Lee Vogel


Summer Yearling Bull: K-Bart Simmentals

Grand Champion Each Breed: K-Bart Simmentals

Heifers: K-Bart Simmentals

Jr. Yearling Heifer: Leonhardtfive

Sr. Heifer Calf: K-Bart Simmentals

Jr. Heifer Calf: Leonhardtfive

Grand Champion: Leonhardtfive

Chianina: Leonhardtfive

Grand Champion Overall: Leonhardtfive

Any other

Heifers born before Aug. 31, 2013: Leonhardtfive

Heifer Calf, Sept. 1 to 31-Dec.-14: Levi Hartschuh

Grand Champion Overall: Leonhardtfive

Department #9 Grains

First Place Winners

Class 1 – Wheat

Any other: David Hartschuh

Class 2 – Corn

Any variety Hybrid: David Hartschuh

Plate of 3 ears: David Hartschuh

Class 3 – Sweet Corn (3 ears)

Hybrid, yellow: Tom Pfeifer

Any Other: Tom Pfeifer

Class 4 – Popcorn

Any Variety: Issac Hiler

Class 7 – Soybeans

Any Variety: David Hartschuh

Class 8 – Hay

Mixed: Rhonda Cole

Class 10 – Potatoes (plate of 3)

Irish Cobbler: Lucille Dunn

Any Blue Variety: Lucille Dunn

Red Pontiac: Janet Nance

Russet: Lucille Dunn

Katahdin: Lucille Dunn

Kennebec: Lucille Dunn

Any other variety: Lucille Dunn

Class 11 – Cabbage

Flat Dutch: Fred Hendricks

Ball Head: Tom Pfeifer

Red Rock: Fred Hendricks

Any other: Fred Hendricks

Class 12 – Beets

Red Beets: Rhonda Cole

Any other variety: Tom Pfeifer

Class 13 – Carrots

Danvers half long: Tom Pfeifer

Long: Tom Pfeifer

Nantes: Tom Pfeifer

Any other: Fred Hendricks

Class 14 – Onions

Red: Lucille Dunn

White: Lucille Dunn

Yellow: Kimberly Tieben

Any other: Lucielle Dunn

Class 15 – Tomatoes

Big Boy: Linda Bailey

Early Girl: Fred Hendricks

Red, large, any other: Tom Pfeifer

Yellow large: Tom Pfeifer

Any Unusual variety: Lucille Dunn

Any other variety: Tom Pfeifer

Red (small fruited): Jane Wurm

Yellow (small fruited): Lucille Dunn

Italian: Lucille Dunn

Class 16 – Beans

Yellow Snap: Cheryl Corney

Green Snap: Priscilla Laughbaum

Lima: Lucille Dunn

Purple: Fred Hendricks

Any other: Fred Hendricks

Class 17 – Misc.

Cauliflower (1 head): Lucille Dunn

Cucumbers (3): Rebecca Starner

Pickles (3): Rhonda Cole

Broccoli: Lucille Dunn

Swiss Chard: Tom Pfeifer

Kohlarabi (2): Louise Frombaugh

Head Lettuce (1): Lucille Dunn

Leaf Lettuce: Fred Hendricks

Sweet Peppers (3): Tom Pfeifer

Hot Peppers (3): Randy Scheffler

Peas (12 pods): Lucille Dunn

Rhubarb (3 stems): Lucille Dunn

Turnips (3): Lucille Dunn

Any other: Fred Hendricks

Class 18 – Largest or Longest

Largest Onion: Madison Tieben

Largest Turnip: Lucille Dunn

Largest Squash: Tom Pfeifer

Largest Potato: Gwen Ruth

Largest Tomato: Lucille Dunn

Largest Cabbage: Tom Pfeifer

Largest Red Beet: Fred Hendricks

Longest Carrot: Tom Pfeifer

Longest Cucumber: Tom Pfeifer

Longest Bean: Fred Hendricks

Largest Radish: Jane Wurm

Class 19 – Squashes

Summer, Crockneck: Fred Hendricks

Acorn: Lucille Dunn

Butternut: Lucille Dunn

Zucchini (Green): Lucille Dunn

Zucchini (Yellow): Lucille Dunn

Early Straight neck: Lucille Dunn

Buttercup: Lucille Dunn

Class 21: – Apples (Plate or Three)

Yellow Transparent: John D. Schimpf

Red Delicious: John D. Schimpf

Golden Delicious: John D. Schimpf

Grimes Golden: Marilyn Harrer

Winesap: Janet Nance

Cortland: Marilyn Harrer

Any other variety: John D. Schimpf

Class 22 – Peaches (Plate of Three)

South Haven: Louise Frombaugh

Class 23 – Pears (Plate of Three)

Barlett: David Hartschuh

Keiffer: Lousie Frombaugh

Any other: Tom Laughbaum

Class 25 – Grapes (Three Bunches)

Concord (Blue): Lucille Dunn

Any other: John D. Schimpf

Class 26 – Berry (Plate of Ten)

Blueberry: Lucille Dunn

Red Raspberry: Fred Hendricks

Blackberry: Cheryl Corney

Elderberry: Rose Reer

Any other berry: Priscilla Laughbaum

Class 27 – Special Display: Lucille Dunn

Department #10 Culinary

Class 1 – Canned Fruits (shown in quarts)

Apples: Jane Wurm

Pears: Rose Reer

Peaches: Jane Wurm

Plums: Marilyn Harrer

Any Berries: Marilyn Harrer

Any Cherries: Marilyn Harrer

Fruit Combination: Jane Wurm

Applesauce: Jane Wurm

Any Pie Filling: Marilyn Harrer

Any Other: Jane Wurm

Class 2 – Canned Vegetables (shown in quarts)

Tomatoes (whole): Jane Wurm

Tomato (juice): Diane Dewiel

Tomato (puree): Jane Wurm

String Beans (green or yellow): Rose Reer

Sauerkaut: Rose Reer

Vegetable Soup: Jane Wurm

Any Other: Rhonda Cole

Any Meals: Sara Lambright

Class 3 – Pickeled Fruits & Vegetables (shown in quarts)

Beets: Debra Cleland

Dill Pickles: Jane Wurm

Sweet Pickles: Jane Wurm

Beans: Jane Wurm

Any Other Pickle: Rose Reer

Any other quart: Rose Reer

To be shown in pints

Chilli Sauce: Rose Reer

Corn Salad: Jane Wurm

Relish: Debra Cleland

Catsup: Kristen Carpentar

Spaghetti Sauce: Kristen Carpenter

Salsa (any variety): Debra Cleland

Any other (pint): Rose Reer

Class 5 – Jams (Pint jars only)

Cherry: Jane Wurm

Peach: Rhonda Cole

Strawberry: Barb Moore

Blackberry: Marilyn Harrer

Red Rasberry: Marilyn Harrer

Black Rasberry: Diane Dewiel

Grape: Rose Guinther

Tomato: Jane Wurm

Any Other: Barb Moore

Class 5A – Butters (Pint Jars)

Peach: Jane Wurm

Pear: Jane Wurm

Apple: Rebecca Starner

Grape: Jane Wurm

Any Other: Kristen Carpenter

Class 6 – Jellies (Jelly glasses or 1/2 pint)

Apple: Jane Wurm

Grape: Rebecca Starner

Peach: Jane Wurm

Cherry: Jane Wurm

Any Berry: Marilyn Harrer

Any Other: Debra Cleland

Class 7 – Misc.

Quart Maple Syrup: Bryan Cole

One Dozen Eggs, Brown: Diane Dewiel

Black Walnuts, Shelled (one pint): Marilyn Harrer

Hickory Nuts, shelled one pint: Tom Pfeifer

Honey Extracted: David Hartschuh

Any Other: Jane Wurm


First Place Winners

Class 9 – Homemade Wines

Red Grape: Jane Wurm

Red Dry Non-Grape: Scott Nagy

White Dry Grape: Scott Nagy

White Dry Non-Grape: Jason Niedeimier

Rose: Jason Niedeimier

Red Sweet Grape: Scott Nagy

Red Sweet Non-Grape: Jason Niedeimier

White Sweet Grape: Scot Nagy

White Sweet Non-Grape: Jason Niedeimier

Obviously red, blue, purple, tawny, or dark brown: Jason Niedeimier

Red Dessert Non-Grape: Jason Niedeimier

Sparkling Red: Scot Nagy

Sparkling White: Scot Nagy

Dry Honey White: Scot Nagy

Sweet Honey White: Scot Nagy

Any Other Wine: Scot Nagy

Dark Beer: Dan Hall

Best of Show – Rosette: Jason Niedeimier

Class 10 – Bakes Goods

Apple: Chelsea Laughbaum

Peach: Myra Cook

Cherry: James Schiefer

Blackberry: Susan Sutherland

Raspberry: Diane Dewiel

Pumkin: Barb Moore

Pecan: Linda Bailey

Elderberry: Marilyn Harrer

Rhubarb: Janet Nance

Combination Fruit Pie: Janet Nance

Any other Pie Not Listed: Rhonda Cole

Any Pie Made with Alcohol: Barb Moore

Class 10B- Cream Pies

Butterscotch: Marilyn Harrer

Lemon: Marilyn Harrer

Any other cream pie not listed: Barbara Van Scoit

Any Pie Made with Alcohol: Mariyln Harrer

Rosette for Best Pie: Barbara Van Scoit

Class 10C – Homemade Candy

Chocolate Fudge: Barbara Van Scoit

Peanut Butter Fudge: Barb Moore

Caramel Corn: Linda Bailey

Mints: Leah Hartschuh

Any other: Barbara Van Scoit

Any Candy Made with Alcohol: Barb Moore

Rosette for Best Candy: Linda Bailey

Class 10D – Cakes

Chocalate: Barb Moore

Pound: Phyllis Heiber

Banana: Barbara Van Scoit

Angel Food: Diane Dewiel

Upside Down: Cheryl Crawford

Bundt: Barb Moore

Any Other Cake Not Listed: Susan Sutherland

Any Diabetic: Barb Moore

Any Cake with Alcohol: Beth Harris

Rosette for Best of Cake: Beth Harris

Class 10E – Yeast Breads and Rolls

White Bread: Barb Moore

Whole Wheat Bread: Cheryl Corney

Tea Ring: Cheryl Corney

Fancy Bread: Barbara Van Scoit

Rosette for Best Yeast Breads and Rolls: Barb Moore

Class 10F – Quick Breads

Pumkin Bread: Jodie Jennings

Corn Bread: Barbara Van Scoit

Date Bread: Barbara Van Scoit

Banana Bread: Phyllis Hieber

Coffee Bread: Barbara Van Scoit

Ginger Bread: Barb Moore

Baking Powder Biscuits: Sara Wise

Plain Muffins: Crystal Jennings

Blueberry Muffins: Laura Pfleiderer

Muffin, any other specify: Barb Moore

Zucchini Bread: Phyllis Hieber

Any other quick Bread with Alcohol: Kristen Carpenter

Rosette for Best Quick Bread: Barb Moore

Best of Show ages 14: Lisa Horning

Class 10G – Cookies

Butterscotch: David Hartschuh

Oatmeal: David Hartschuh

Sugar: Cheryl Crawford

Chocolate Chip: Lisa Horning

Honey: Phyllis Heiber

Peanut Butter: Barbara Van Scoit

Chocolate Drop: David Hartschuh

Filled: David Hartschuh

Brownies: Barb Moore

Pineapple: David Hartschuh

Decorated: Cheryl Crawford

Ginger: Phyliss Hieber

Molasses: Susan Sutherland

Unbaked: Andrea Cole

Snickerdoodles: Diane Dewiel

Lemon: David Hartschuh

Chocolate Chip Bar: Carissa Chester

Peanut Butter Bar: David Hartschuh

Lemon Bar: Susie Hamman

Any other Bar: Jamie Cramer

Cookies not listed: Lisa Horning

Any Cookie Made with Alcohol: Lisa Horning

Rosette for Best Cookie: Levi Hartschuh

Class 10H – Bakes Goods-Ages 6-14

Butterscotch: Kyle Smith

Oatmeal: Levi Hartschuh

Sugar: Levi Hartschuh

Chocolate Chip: Lillie Tieben

Peanut Butter: Levi Hartschuh

Brownies: Maria Smith

Unbaked: Levi Hartschuh

Any bar: Levi Hartschuh

Cookies not listed: Levi Hartschuh

Cake: Levi Hartschuh

Fudge: Levi Hartschuh

Class 10I –

Baked Apples: Carissa Chester

Department #11 Domestic and Fine Arts

Applique by Machine: April Miller

Patchwork Hand Quilted: Karyn Christman

Patchwork Machine Quilted: Judy L. Eichhorn

Sewing Machine Quilted Work: April Miller

Child’s: Judy L. Eichhorn

T-shirt Quilt: Rebecca Starner

Preserved: Janet Nance

Quilt Not Listed: Richard Rowlinson

Longarm Quilted: Richard Rowlinson

antique bed cover: April Miller

quilted wall hanging: Kayrn Christman

quilted item not listed: Judy L. Eichhorn

any rag quilt: Judy L. Eichhorn

any other not listed: Crystal Jennings

Rosette for Best Entry Class 1: Kayrn Christman

Class 2 – Afghans

any other knitted: Marilyn R. Smith

Broomstick-crocheted: Laura Pfleiderer

afghan stich-crocheted: Sara Wise

granny-crocheted: Marilyn R. Smith

Crochet-baby afghan: Amanda Crall

knit-baby afghan: Barb Moore

Class 3 – Crotcheting

gloves: Brittany Crall

stole or cap: Brittany Crall

hat: Brittany Crall

poncho: Joan Wolfe

scarf: Brittany Crall

article not listed: Laura Pfleider

Class 4 – Rugs

latch hook rug: Marilyn R. Smith

woven rug 4 harness: Karyn Christman

rug not listed: Karyn Christman

Class 5 – Knitting

cape or shawl: Laura Pfleiderer

Hat: Laura Pfleiderer

scarf: Barb Moore

article not listed: Laura Pfleider

baby article not listed: Marilyn R. Smith

Rosette for best entry, class 5: Laura Pfleiderer

Class 6 – Misc.

Any Applique: Kayrn Christman

Any Cross Stich: Marilyn R. Smith

Any Knitting: Laura Pfleiderer

Any Counted Cross Stich: Laura Pfleiderer

Any Infant Wear: Marilyn R. Smith

Any Embroidery: Crysdtal Jennings

Any Crewel Embroidery: Marilyn R. Smith

Any Pillows: Judy L. Eichhorn

Any Pot Holders: Phyllis Hieber

Any Fleece Blanket: Janet Nance

Any Dolls & Toys: Janet Nance

Class 7 – Crafts Class (Age 12-18)

Specimen of polymer clay: Shanti Hunter

Any ceramic: Adrianne Peck

any other craft: Zachary Hiler

Rosette for Best Entry: Shanti Hunter

Class 8 – Crafts (Age 6-11)

Specimen of Knitting: Beth Harris

Decorated t-shirt: Bailey Rossman

any ceramic: Isaac Hiler

any other craft: Corbin Bloomfield

Rosette for Best Entry: Corbin Bloomfield

Class 9 – Misc.

Ceramics-glazed: Kyle Harman

ceramics stained: Linda Bailey

ceramics (not listed): Julie Ramey

bead jewelry-necklace: Lauren Copeland

bead jewelry-bracelet: Makeayla Westbrook

bead jewelry-earrings: Laura Peck

Machine Sewing Bag or Purse: Mary Morton

Any Machine Sewing: Myra Cook

Any t-shirt: Melinda Hoffman

Any Sweater or Sweatshirts: Marilyn R. Smith

Any Decorated Straw Hat: Marilyn R. Smith

Any Table of Decorations: Leah Hartschuh

Christmas Tree Decoration: Marilyn R. Smith

Christmas Table: Linda Bailey

Christmas Wall: Marilyn R. Smith

Item Not From Purchased Kit: Tom Pfeifer

Bazaar item: Phyllis Heiber

Any other: Marilyn R. Smith

Class 10 – Wreaths

General: Leah Hartschuh

Easter: Marilyn R. Smith

Christmas: Janet Nance

Halloween: Amy Coffman

Swags: Janet Nance

Class 11 – Wood

Small item of Wood: Janet Nance

Large item of Wood: Jeremiah Collene

Painted Wood: Linda Bailey

Any other wood not listed: Tom Pfeifer

Best of Show: Tom Pfeifer

Department #12 Paintings and Photography

Class 1 – Oil Painting

Landscape: Chelsea Ramsey

Modern Art or Abstract: Isabelle Biglin

Specimen not listed: Chelsea Ramsey

Class 2 – Water Color

Landscape: Brenda Young

Still life: Brenda Young

Marine: Brenda Young

Animal: Rebecca Starner

Specimen not listed: Brenda Young

Class 3 – Acrrylic

Landscape: Sydney Harris

Specimen Not Listed: Isabelle Biglin

Class 4 – Pastel

Still Life: Isabelle Biglin

Animal: Isabelle Biglin

Class 5 – Charcoal

Still Life: Isabelle Biglin

Specimen not listed: Sydney Harris

Class 6 – Pencil

Portrait or Figure: Emily Dotson

Still Life: Sydney Harris

Landscape or Seascape: Isabelle Biglin

Animal: Sydney Harris

Class 7 – Ink

Still Life: Chelsea Ramey

Landscape or Seascape: Isabelle Biglin

Geometric Design: Isabelle Biglin

Specimen not listed: Emily Dotson

Class 11 – Any Other Media

Specimen not listed: Emily Dotson

Class 12 – 9 and under

Crayon: Allie Tieben

Water Color: Jacob Hiler

Acrylic: Allie Tieben

Pastel: Tucker Sautter

Pencil: Izzy Novak

Collage: Ryland Bloomfield

Paper Mache: Izzy Novak

Colored Pencil: Izzy Novak

Any Other: Lille Tieben

Class 12 – Jr. 14 – 10

Oil Painting: Paige Smith

Water Color: Ryan Ruth

Acryclic: Ryan Ruth

Pastel: Ryan Ruth

Charcoal: Gwen Ruth

Pencil: Sydney Harris

Collage: Gwen Ruth

Any Other: Gwen Ruth

Department #13 Flowers- Theme: Disney Animated Films

Class 1 – Adult Artistic Designs

Pinocchio, 1940: MaryLee Minor

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, 1937: June Gebhardt

Fantasia, feat Mickey Mouse, 1940: Julie Hoffman Tukey

Peter Pan, feat Tinker Bell, 1953: June Gebhardt

Dumbo, 1941: MaryLee Minor

Sleeping Beauty, 1959 Novice Exh: Karyn Christman

Class 2 – Adult Garden Club Artistic Designs

Alice in Wonderland, 1951: Peter Pushers

Cinderella, 1950: North End Garden and Club

Class 3 – Educational Exhibits-noncompetitive

A Bugs Life, 1998: Earth Wind & Flowers Garden Club

Monsters, Inc, 2011:Judith Widman

Class 4 – Open class Junior Artistic Designs age 6-9

Bambi: Alissa Goldfuss

Class 5 – Horticulture- Annuals

Calendula: David Hartschuh

Cosmos: David Hartschuh

Coleus: Sandy Frankhauser

Cockscomb-crested or plumed celssia: Sandy Frankhauser

Dahlia: Michael Hoepf

Marigold, dwarf single-petaled: MaryLee Minor

Marigold, dwarf double-petaled: Mary Morton

Marigold, orange and yellow: MaryLee Minor

Marigold, any color: Marilyn Harrer

Petunia, double: Sandy Frankhauser

Petunia, single: Mark Payne

Salvia: Jane Brause

Zinnia, small variety three blooms: Judith Widman

Zinnia one medium bloom: Michael Hoepf

Zinnia one large bloom: Judith Widman

Annual not listed above one bloom: Geaine Cozad

Annual not listed above a spray form: Sandy Frankhauser

Annual not listed above one spike form: David Hartschuh

Sunflower: Dorothy Hoffman

Annual everlasting: Easton Rothhaar

Class 6 – Horticulture-Herbs

Artemisia one stem: David Hartschuh

Bee balm: Kayrn Christman

Costmary, one stem: Cheryl Corney

Dill, one stem: Zachary Hiler

Lavender, 3 stems: Judith Widman

Parsley, one stem: MaryLee Minor

Rosemary, one stem: Jane Brause

Sage, one stem: MaryLee Minor

Tansy, one stem: MaryLee Minor

Yarrow, any color: June Gebhardt

Mint collection of 5 labeled varieties: Judith Widman

Herb collection of 5 labeled varieties: MaryLee Minor

Class 7 – Horticulture for Juniors 6 – 9

Potted plant pot not to exceed 12” wide: Katelyn Heinlen

Potted Plant: Natalie Goldfuss

Rosette best entry class 7: Natalie Goldfuss

Class 8 – Adult Open Class Artistic Designs

Jungle Book, 1967: MaryLee Minor

Toy Story, 1995: Sally Ruth

Beauty and the Beast, 1991: MaryLee Minor

The Lion King, 1994: MaryLee Minor

The Little Mermaid, 1989: Trisha Goldfuss

Winnie the Pooh, 1977: Kayrn Christman

Class 9 – Junior Artistic Designs age 6-19

Frozen, 2013: Natalie Goldfuss

Rosette for Best Design in Class 9: Natalie Goldfuss

Class 10 – Horticulture-Roses

Hybrid tea rose any color: Rose Guinther

Floribunda rose or grandiflora, any color: MaryLee Minor

Miniature rose: MaryLee Minor

Rose, any other variety not listed: MaryLee Minor

Class 11 – Horticulture-Perennials

Coreopsis, 3 blooms: Julie Kalb

Daisy, gloriosa: MaryLee Minor

Delphinium one stalk: Lucille Dunn

Echinacea one bloom: Judith Widman

Echinops, one stem: Cheryl Corney

Flowering shrub: Mary Morton

Gallardia, three blooms: Judith Widman

Gladiolus, one spike: Michael Hoepf

Hydrangea, one bloom: Sandy Frankhauser

Liatris, one stalk: Geanie Cozad

Lily, true lilium, one stalk, any color: Michael Hoepf

Phlox, one stem: Marilyn Harrer

A corm, tuber, or other bulb not listed: David Hartschuh

Dried perennial everlasting: MaryLee Minor

Any other perennial not listed, one spike: David Hartschuh

Any other perennial not listed, one spray: Marilyn Harrer

Holsta collection-select one leaf from 5 different varieties: June Gebhardt

Heuchera collection-select one leaf from 5 different varieties: June Gebhardt

Best of Show Rosette- best cultivar class 11: Geaine Cozad

Class 12 – Horticulture-Daylillies

Peach or melon: MaryLee Minor

Yellow or gold: MaryLee Minor

White, creamy white, or pale pink: Michael Hoepf

Red or purple: Michael Hoepf

Bicolor or bitone: Joy Lauthers

Class 13 – Premium List

Band, eyezone or a halo: Melinda Hoffman

Miniature or small: Geaine Cozad

Doubles: Joy Lauthers

Horticulture-Potted Plants

African Violet potted: Dot Westbrook

Succulent or cactus potted: Geanie Cozad

Foliage houseplant: MaryLee Minor

Class 14 – Horticulture-Patio Plants

Walt Disney: Sandy Frankhauser

Ratatouille: MaryLee Minor

Class 15 – Amateur Photography

Portrait: Katelyn Lutz

Still life: Kathy Beebe

Scenery: Brenda Young

building or structures: Jane Brause

Sunrise, sunset, clouds or rainbows: Shon Fry

People doing something: Taylor Price

Wildlife/nature: Dave Dotson

Pets: Kathy Beebe

Flowers only: Taylor Price

Emotion: Jamie Cramer

Crawford County fair photos: Marilyn R. Smith

Digital Black and White

Portait: Joan Ritzler

Still life: Katelyn Lutz

Scenery: Kathy Durnwald

Building or structure: Julie Hoffman Tukey

Sunrise, sunset, clouds or rainbows: Joan Ritzler

People doing something: Kelly Tennant

Wildlife/nature: Joan Ritzer

Pets: Kathy Durnwald

Flowers only: Julie Hoffman Tukey

Emotion: Emily Dotson

Crawford County fair photos: Joan Ritzer

Digital Groups of 3

Portrait: Joan Ritzer

Still Life: Kathy Durnwald

Scenery: Priscilla Laughbaum

Building or structures: Dave Dotson

Sunrise, sunset, clouds or rainbows: Janet Nance

People doing something: Kate Perkins

Wildlife/nature: Dave Dotson

Pets: Jane Brause

Flowers only: Emily Dotson

Emotion: Janice Butler

Crawford County fair photos: Marilyn R. Smith

Photos Taken By Child Under 12

Portrait: Abigail Chester

Still life: Easton Rothhaar

Scenery: Bryce Tieben

Building or structures: Ellanya Rothhaar

Sunrise, sunset, clouds or rainbows: Makeayla Westbrook

People doing something: Corbin Bloomfield

Wildlife/nature: Ellanya Rothhaar

Pets: Shanti Hunter

Flowers only: Ellanya Rothhaar

Emotion: Abigail Chester

Hobby & Collection Show -Minimum of 6 items

Creative hobby, sr.: Adrianne Peck

Creative hobby, jr.: Kyna Rothhaar

Stamping/scrapbooking hobby Sr.: Mariyln R. Smith

Collectio show 18 and older: Gary Moore

Collection show 9 – 13: Madison Tieben

Collection show 8 and under: Easton Rothhaar

Quilts are displayed at the Crawford County Fair. are displayed at the Crawford County Fair.

A sheep relaxes at the Crawford County Fair. sheep relaxes at the Crawford County Fair.

A drawing is shown at the Crawford County Fair. drawing is shown at the Crawford County Fair.