Galion City Schools honors staff at annual breakfast

GALION — The Galion City School District hosted its annual staff recognition breakfast in the Galion High School cafetorium May 30.

The district honored an array of staff members for their years of care and commitment to the children of the Galion community.

The district first recognized its retirees, who have a combined total of 338 years of service to Galion students. The 2016 – 2017 retirees include: Theresa Adkins (25 years), Cathy Jo Brown (23 years), Kenneth Burkhart (14 years), Jacki Corona (nine years), Tammy Erlsten (31 years), Loretta Feichtner (22 years), Debra Horton (17 years), Cynthia Rode (31 years), Margaret Sebrell (33 years), Jeffrey Shipman (19 years), Jennie Stevens (24 years), William Hurlow (43 years), Debra McCleese (19 years) and Elizabeth Pritchard (28 years).

Additional staff members were recognized for one, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years of service in the district.

Recipients and their years of service include: Julie Boles (one year), Adam Brown (one year), Heather Carney (one year), Matthew Dick (one year), Dustin Edgell (one year), Moira Fodor (one year), Lindsey Gribble (one year), Jacob Grove (one year), Patti Holloway (one year), Elizabeth Ice (one year), Sharon Jones (one year), Regina Jutz (one year), Isaac Keinath (one year), Stasha Lucas (one year), Jessica McCabe (one year), Joe Morabito (one year), Andrea Murphy (one year), Alison Roth (one year), Elizabeth Rutledge (one year), Frances Symsick (one year), Marianne Thorpe (one year), Casey Weaver (one year), Dianna Danner (five years), Cay Faulkner (10 years), Charles Miller (10 years), Christina Carpenter (15 years), Ashlee Cuttita (15 years), Debra Gase (15 years), Thelma Huntsman (15 Ye ars), Amy Johnson (15 years), Heidi Reitschlin (15 years), Rashan Rush (15 years), Christine Smith (15 years), Sarah Wegesin (15 years), Cindy Conner (25 years), Julie Human (25 years), Judith Cortelletti (30 years), Sara Palmer (30 years), Tracie Wittibslager (30 years) and Marsha Rundell (40 years) .

Staff members were also recognized for perfect attendance during the 2016-17 school year, which included: Kyle Baughn , Freddie Beachy, Angela Brocwell, Rodney Dean, Dustin Edgell, Jessica Hammond, Steven Hammond, Thelma Huntsman, Sue Kindell, Roxann Ramsey, Marsha Rundell and Kevin Williams.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the staff members that w ere honored during the district recognition breakfast , especially those staff members who have retired from education,” said Superintendent Jim Grubbs . “Their countless years of dedication to the students of the Galion City School District are greatly appreciated
Fourteen retirees have a combined 338 years of experience.