March 2017, Crawford County property transfers

Timothy C Fike to J&J Investment Properties, LTD, Inlots 143, 144 and Pt Outlot 2, Tiro, $20,000

Robert W & Mary E Erwin to Amy Simms, 601 South Poplar St, Bucyrus, $62,500

Audrey O Zehring aka Audrey O Kirkman to Wade W & Tracey L Cole, 512 West Charles St., Bucyrus, $54,000

Randal J Morris, Trustee to Casey C & Danyelle N Nickler, 1147 Lynne Ave., Bucyrus, $105,000

Delbert T Smith to Thomas E Peginett, 811 Charles St., Galion, $19,800

Michelle A O’Sullivan to Barbara J Brown, 895 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $63,500

Jeffrey L & Davette Javens to Richard Javens, 393 Murray St., Galion, $18,200

Jennifer L Taylor to Robert A & Barbara A Keeton, 318 S Boston St, Galion, $69,000

Annabell Heimlich to Bobbie J & Bradley C Dudash, 107 Harding Way East (107 ½), Galion, $39,000

Larry R & Nelda E Parsons to Joseph A & Deila M Fultz, 935 Reid St., Bucyrus, $34,500

Edward L & Walter A Kaple to Walnut Grain Farms, LLC, 105.659 Acres, Scott Rd., New Washington, $900,000

Timothy E Harvey to Michael J & Donna C Laipply (trustees), 5659 Rutan Rd., Bucyrus, $100,000

Allen F Schimpf and Gary P Schimpf to Rover Pipeline LLC, 7695 Kennedy Rd., Bloomville, $40,900

First Federal Community Bank to Zorns & Byers, Ltd., 412 Wallace St., Bucyrus, $7,000

Shaan & Amanda Shadley to Heater Miracle, 628 N Union St., Galion, $12,500

Keith R Chapman to Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, 740 Gay St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Larry Merwine, 139 North, Crestline, $13,924

Jeffrey L & Meredith L Hall to Ryan C & Hayley M Lykins, 7286 German Rd, Crestline, $145,000

Hanft Investments, LLC to Michael & Sheena Brown, 726 Southern Ave., Galion, $73,900

Willia G Prout & Sherri L Prout & Jennifer Lynn Hockman to David M Stone, 730 Gearhart Ave., Crestline, $55,000

Germaine R Hines, Thomas J Wenzlick, Faye E Wenzlick to Robert P Jones, Jr., 225 Penn Ave, Bucyrus, $42,500

Wayne D Auck, Estate to Dale E & Janice E Auck, Trustees, 2793 Brokensword Rd., Bucyrus, $28,000

James Roach to JPMorgan Chase bank, National Association, 2599 St Rt 598, Crestline, $27,000

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Larry D Merwine, 5834 Dickson Rd., New Washington, $27,000

Nadine R Muth to Johni C & Eddie D Hipple, 421 Beechwood Dr. Galion, $105,000

Zachery R Woodard to Corey R & Kayla D Gregory, 716 West Main St., Crestline, $59,000

Brian K & Heather A Thompson, to Audrey J Mattox, 418 S Boston St, Galion, $10,000

Taylor Howard to Stephen Howard, 253 South St., Galion, $3,000

H Douglas & Geraldine A Osborne to Paul A Stone, 135 Gill Ave., Galion, $28,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion to Gregory U Chardon Sr., 951 Reid St., Bucyrus, $20,000

Rebecca Sue Gottfried & Chris Eugene Dunlap to Janel L Brause, Trustee of the Janel L Brause Living Trust, 48.48 Acres, Knauss Rd., Bucyrus, $297,500

Sherry Lynn Cover & Elaine Stuckert to Janel L Brause, trustee of the Janel L Brause Living Trust, 52.18 Acres, Knauss Rd., Bucyrus, 4297,500

Jeffrey D Myers, unmarried to Matthew Jonathan & Patricia Jo Laughbaum, 1975 St Rt 598, Galion, $96,000

Stephen P & Cynthia M Jarper to Rover Pipeline LLC, 6150 SR 602, New Washington, $46,281

Don Crum to Rover Pipeline LLC, Baker Rd., Shelby , $41,977

Charles F Crall Estate to Fred Connery, 620 W Oakwood Ave., Bucyrus, $125,000

Frieda A Breinich to Sharon Y Milner, 830 South St., Galion, $55,000

Steven & Melinda R Fishpaw to Richard Gregory Garwood, 1885 E Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $115,000

Terrence S. Comey and Cheryl S. Comey to Michael L. Kocher and Brenda S. Kocher, Trustees of the Kocher Trust, Monnett New Winchester Rd., and Rostalk Rd., Bucyrus, $190,000

Ryan M. Shelton to Gregory A. & Teresa J. Hartline, 933 High St., Bucyrus, $59,900

Kim Gambino to Matthew W. Tyrrell and Kate M. Tyrrell 325 Sherman St., Galion, $84,000

Kipp M. Kinn to Allen Little, 137 Emerson St., Bucyrus, $39,900

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A. as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation to Shannon R. Naveja and Robert Thoman, 433 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $10,000

James R. Gibson and Donald E. Gibson aka Donald C. Gibson to Cody R. Edwards, Chambers Rd., Whetstone Township, Bucyrus, $12,000

Velda Stailey to Kobie D. H. Hines, 931 Faustina Ave., Bucyrus, $29,500

Jeannette Kline to Scarlett Goodwin, 721-723 Timberlane Dr., Galion, $94,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Buckeye Financial Holdings, LLC, 875 Marion Rd., & 864 S. Poplar St., Bucyrus, $23,000*

Michael R. Hoskins to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 6561 Windfall Rd., Galion, $72,704*

U. S. Bank National Association as Successor by Merger of U.S. Bank National Association ND to Gene William Creighton II, 264 N. Union St., Galion, $6,000

Margaret Ann Zier aka Margaret A. Zier nka Margaret A. Powers, unmarried to Joshua J. Reagan, 559 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Edward C. and Jenny Lynne Pfeifer to Kent A. and Laura M. Stuckey, 3904 SR 19, Bucyrus, $758,880

Margaret Ann Zaebst Lohr to Henry R. Norris and Judy L Norris, 1343 Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $129,900

John E. Schroeder to Dean Shaffer, 6270 Baker Rd., Shelby, $15,932.90

Laura A. Willoughby and Jack Willoughby, husband and wife to Michael L. Cozad, 132 S. Murray St., Galion, $26,540

The Galion Historical Society, Inc. to Neilson Property, Ltd., 124 N. Union St., Galion, $41,000

Daniel J. Campbell to Marie Martinez, 861 Harding Way West, Galion, $50,000

Forrest F. Strohm to Johnny and Leigh Green, 5100 New Haven Rd., Tiro, $30,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Everett H. Fortner and Naomi R. Fortner, 836 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $13,000*

Kingdom First Properties, LLC to Everything is Awesome, LLC, 829 E. Warren St., Bucyrus, $16,850

Donna L. Barth, Trustee of the Donna L. Barth Family Trust dtd 9-24-88 to Jarrod J. Clady & Christina B. Clady, 909 S. Kibler St., New Washington, $38,000

Lella C. Voorhees, a widow who is unremarried to Phillip U. Schalk, Trustee of the Phillip U. Schalk Self-Declaration of ***, 3927 Perrysburg Rd., Nevada, 145,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Jeffrey S. Johnson, 823 N. Crestline St., Crestline, $22,800*

Bank of America NA to Castle Cook LLC, 312 W. Bucyrus St., Crestline, $10,500

Eileen Mabee, Trustee to Steven M. Primm and Edith M. Primm, 812 N. Henry St., Crestline, $85,000

Sandra J. Surber to Cassandra J. Sayre and Donald C. Ray, 414 Fairview Ave., Galion, (Gift) estimated market value of the real property $19,170

Marlene J. Knapp to Allen W. Cole and Karen S. Cole, 966 Bucyrus Rd. (rear), $7,000

Marlene J. Knapp to Rudy P. Mies, 966 Bucyrus Rd. (center), Galion, $7,000

Spring Creek Farm #2, Ltd. to Thomas D. Brause and Kate E. Brause, 2157 Carey Rd., Bloomville, $45,000

Samuel S. Siclair to Steven L. Siclair and Nancy H. Siclair, 385 South Market St., Galion, $2,000

Steven J. Ulmer, Loretta M. Feichtner, Kevin M. Ulmer & Donna R. Auck to Brause Bros., LLC, Gene and Beverly Brause, 2798 Lemert Rd., Bucyrus, $641,000

Cody S. Kerr to James S. Ruttman and Vicki S. Ruttman, 1453 Rosedale Ave., Bucyrus, $122,500

Jerry B. Shawber and Diane M. Shawber to Robert R. Rosandic Shawber and Megan L. Stockmaster, 416 West Main St., Crestline, $25,000

First Federal Community Bank to Zorns & Byers, Ltd., 926 Rogers St., Bucyrus, $7,000

Kenneth M. Brown to Sherry Thompson, 328 Third Ave., Galion, $27,000

Robert G. White to Patricia L. Ballard, 2287 Lake Galion Rd. East, Galion, $15,000

William Spangler to Bradley J. McKibben and Krista M. McKibben, 1844 Biddle Rd., Galion, $101,000*

Phyllis Alayne Hoag, et al., to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 221 W. Charles St., Bucyrus, $65,559*

David A. Sisson and Karen S. Sisson, fka Karen S. Metzger to James N. Campain, Sr., 4899 Holmes Center Rd., Bucyrus, $115,000

Laura L. Weatherble aka Laura L. Heydinger and Nicholas Weatherble to Julie D. Schoenfelt aka Julie D. Mason and John O. Schoenfelt, 321 Town St., New Washington, $120,000

*Sheriff sale or foreclosure