OK Galion, what’s your opinion on design review?

GALION — Let’s try something new.

There has been some controversy in recent months over building codes and design review boards in the downtown area.

What’s your opinion?

Are the rules and regulations helpful in maintaining a downtown area that looks coherent and attractive?

Do the rules and regulations result in added costs and headaches for current building/business owners?

Do the rules and regulations hinder building owners in their ability to get tenants to move into their buildings or to renovate buildings?

I think everyone agrees that the goal is to have an attractive downtown area that draws shoppers and tourists to the city.

But everyone also wants to have businesses that are successful and lures shoppers and eaters to Galion.

Is it possible to do both?

If so, how do we do that?

Some of your comments may be used in a future article.

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