Crawford County Property Transfers in December

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in December, 2016:

Brian K. Naufzinger and Lori A. Naufzinger to Matthew L. Ross and Shaunacy M. Ross, 433 E. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $89,000

Thomas P. Sheibley and Sharon A. Sheibley H & W to Michael P. and Jill R. Stahl H & W, 5670 S. R. 103, New Washington, $35,000

Jane E. Blum to Naomi J. Gorman, 610 Alayne Ave., Galion, $86,000

Maryalice W. Seabolts to Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc., Vacant land on Crawford-Richland Line Rd., Shelby, $30,000

Terrance R. and Kathy A. Powell Co.-TTEES to Nicholas A. Powell, 417 John St., Galion, $10,000

Terrance R. and Kathy A. Powell Co.-TTEES to Nicholas A. Powell, 417 Hensley St., Galion, $10,000

George N. Nolte & Sylvia M. (Haycook) Nolte to Rita G. Griffin, 623 Rogers St., Bucyrus, $137,900

Larry R. Parsons and Melissa E. Hammock to Donald Hammond, 4388 Monnett Chapel Rd., Bucyrus, $32,500

Triple B. Properties, LLC to MMC Development, LLC, 1215 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $17,500

Curtis E. Blevins to James N. Creel and Jayme J. Creel, 1112 Williard St., Bucyrus, $23,500

Jerry W. Volk and Marlene J. Stevens to Edgar R. Trent and Vicky L. Trent, 6631 Leesville Rd., Crestline, $100,000

Bernard M. Mansfield to Tamera S. Schifer, 400 Buckeye Dr., Galion, $72,500

Phillip Jerome Gangluff and Donald McMichael, Trustees to Lane W. Tucker Sr. and Rogenea M. Tucker, 4863 Holmes Center Rd., Bucyrus, $65,000

Ricky A. Smith and Robin S. Smith to Michael E. Miller, 237 East Mary St., Bucyrus, $10,000

Zoa A. Duffner to Rebecca E. Guinther, 1705 St. Rt. 61, Galion, $71,200

HSBC Bank USA, National Association as Trustee for Nomura, Et AL, to Sarah N. Bessinger and Jeffrey L. Bessinger, 409 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $9,000

Joan Buhler and John C. Slabach, Jr. to Steven D. Young and Sheri L. Young, 246 Hayes Ave., Bucyrus, $55,000

Donald R. Leonberger and Helen A. Leonberger to Larry J. Vanderpool and Jamie B. Vanderpool, 2051 St. Rt. 598, Galion, $50,000

Donald R. Leonberger and Helen A. Leonberger to Larry J. Vanderpool and Jamie B. Vanderpool, 2051 St. Rt. 598, Galion, $50,000

Lucinda S. Marino unmarried, John M. Ginder to Joseph M. Henry and Barbara A. Henry h & w jls, 426 West Payne Ave., Galion, $37,000

Lucinda S. Marino unmarried, etal to Gladys Clark, 820 Bel Air Dr., Galion, $55,000

Rosie M. Campbell to John W. Wanamaker, 1102 Tiffin St., Bucyrus, $5,000

Michael D. Enders aka Michael David Enders and Charlotte Enders husband and wife, to Brandon C. Taylor, 677 Brookside Dr., Galion, $72,000

Janet L. Conrad, Trustee to Jackson Township of Crawford County, Land on W. Bucyrus St., Crestline, $7000.00

Gerry E. Rossman to Earl M. Brubaker and Barbara A. Brubaker, Kocher Rd. and Schwemly Rd., Bucyrus, $493,146

Brewkam2, LLC, to George F. Gibbs & Jocelyn K. Smith, 116 West Perry St., Bucyrus, $9500.00

Alice M. Hieber, Trustee to Daniel P. and Rebecca L. Weisenauer, New Washington Rd., Bloomville, $3,000

Michael R. Brown, Roger L. Brown, Kathryn L. Bahm to Kennith G. Bolen and Janice D. Bolen, 601 Sitler Ave., Bucyrus, $130,000

Gertrude A. Ruehle to Rover Pipeline, LLC, 2113 New Washington Rd., Bloomville, $1,641.00

Niese Family Farms, Ltd. to Diana R. Wenninger, German Rd., land only, Crestline, $2,000

Joseph and Robert J. Reeder H & W to Mike Karls, 937 Harding Way E., Galion, $1,000.00

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Hank T. Williams, 5067 Marion Melmore Rd., Sycamore, $24,000

Craig R. Wilson to Timothy Lee Adkins, 650 Old Winchester Rd., Bucyrus, $161,000

Zachary Daniels to Brandon Book, 256 Hayes St., Bucyrus, $53,500

Mechanics Bank to Steven J. Hall, 602-604 South Market St., Galion, $6,700

Darlene M. Shell to Craig B. Heefner and Jennifer J. Heefner, 517 Scharf St., New Washington, $60,000

James M. Case and Doris l. Case to Jessica Sullivan, 118 W. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $55,000

PECO II, NKA GE Power Electronics, Inc., to Landmark Infrastructure Holdings Company, LLC, 1376 State Route 598, Galion, $145,000

Patrick C. Volk and Marlene J. Volk husband and wife, to Scott A. Armstrong and Lauri A. Armstrong, 215 Harding Way East, Galion, $35,000

The Huntington National Bank to Murriel Mcle and Carri S. Mcle, 616 W. Arnold St., Crestline, $24,900

Evelyn M. Cook to Rebecca J. Skillicorn, 310 Westgate Rd., Galion, $68,600

Fishpaw Realty Holdings, Lts. to Deanna M. Cooper, 406 W. Bucyrus St., Crestline, $31,000

Margaret Baker to Gerald and Jennifer Candel, Stetzer Rd., Land only, Bucyrus, $13,500

Thomas P. Perin, Jr. aka Thomas P. Perin to U.S. Bank National Association aka U.S. Bank N.A., 1438 Orr Rd., Sycamore, $84,766*

Edward Burn to U. S. Bank National Association, as Trustee for Bear Stearns, 646 Cherry St., Galion, $28,000*

Gerry Rossman aka Gerry E. & Pamela J. to James B. & Holly M. Rossman, 64.27 Acres Monnett-New Winchester Rd., Bucyrus, $456,000

Daniel E. Cochran to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, 139 North Crestline St., Crestline, $16,667*

James B. & Holly M. Rossman to Gerry E. & Pamela J. Rossman, 56.984 acres on Musgrave Rd., Bucyrus, $325,000

Steven H. Ulmer, Loretta M. Feichtner, Kevin Ulmer and Donna R. Auck to Daniel J. Linn, Lemert Rd., Bucyrus, $231,000

The Estate of Doris A. Russell to David M. Dotson and Paula S. Dotson, 938 East Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $37,500

Aaron D. Schifer to Blade A. Tackett and Taylor P. Whitaker, 935 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $100,000

Timothy J. Tomecko and Amanda S. Tomecko, H&W to Chad A. Sweitzer and Sandy Sweitzer H & W, for their joint lives, Spore Brandywine Rd., Bucyrus, $30,000

John A. Barrett and Deborah J. Subver nka Deborah J. Fowler to Holly A. Lust, 935 Beverly Dr., Bucyrus, $69,500

JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Renewed Properties LLC, 638 North Columbus St., Galion, $36,414

Elizabeth A. McClintock and Paul N. McClintock to Daniel R. Edwards and Crystal D. Edwards, 930 N. Henry St., Crestline, $94,500

Douglas Weisenaur Trust to Rover Pipeline LLC, Crawford Seneca Line Rd., Bloomville, $30,319

Alternative Investing, LLC to Jay L. Rodeback, 4432 Marion Melmore Rd., Nevada,, $120,000

Investment Funding, Inc. to William and Kathryn Ritchie, 313 N. Main St., Tiro, $12,500

Treva N. Wine to BMGS Investments, LLC, Crawford Wyandot Line Rd., Nevada, $150,476.13

Matthew A. Livengood to Stephen Dwayne Richter, 302 N. Henry St., Crestline, $76,000

Roger A. Marquart, Trustee of the Richard G. Marquart Trust to K & G Farms, LLC, 7860 Connely Rd., New Washington, $337,960

Roger A. Marquart, Trustee of the Wanda E. Marquart* to K & G Farms LLC, 7860 Connely Rd., New Washington, $337,960

Mary Turner to Mark L. Wentz and Tessa I. Wentz, 374 Cherry St., Galion, $83,000

Kevin R. Faeth to Jamien Thompson Craig, Judith Thompson Craig & James Kristen Craig, 777 Maple Heights, Galion, $30,000

Richard F. Faeth, Trustee to Jamien Thompson Craig, Judith Thompson Craig and James Kristen Craig, 777 Maple Heights, Galion, $30,000

David R. Cory, Trustee to BREWKAMA2 LLC, 125 W. Perry St., Bucyrus, $10,000

Anna T. Phillips to Phillip D. Maul and Shelbi A. Daniel, 415 W. Mansfield St., New Washington, $41,500

Alysha A. Laub to Jason Bradford, 3797 Crawford-Wyandot County Line Rd., Nevada, $45,000

Derreck W. Krebs and Nicole A. Miller to Derreck W. Krebs, 515 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $27,200

Douglas E. Stumpf and Donna J. Stumpf to Rachel E. Darby and John R. Darby, 529 N. Henry St., Crestline, $80,000

Mark A. Kocher and Karen J. Kocher, H&W to Hord Family Farms, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, S. R. 100, Bucyrus, $280,260

Professional Investments of America DE, LLC to Realty Income Properties 9, LLC, 850 Harding Way West, Galion, $1,127,572

Ryan and Stephanie Bowman to Caleb Bowman, 946 Dawsett Ave., Galion, $85,000

LaVaun E. Riblet, unmarried to Sarah M. Walter, 427 Sherman St., Galion, $40,000

Meagan R. Hardy to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 823 North Crestline St., Crestline, $22,800*

Dawn M. Wells to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 518 Haymond Dr., Galion, $50,000*

Pamela Sue Brooks fka Pamela S. Parker to U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee, 1309 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $28,000*

Michael E. Miller and Cynthia S. Miller to Michael D. Robinett, 1110 Tiffin St; 122 W. Mary St; 400 & 400 ½ E. Rensselaer St. Bucyrus, $161,000

Hord Family Farms, LLC to Bereat, LLC, 3001 Brokensword Rd., Bucyrus, $750,000

Gregory T. Durham and Vickie L. Durham to Richard A. Leitzy and Nadine A. Leitzy, Bare ground, 5 acres Marion Melmore Rd.,Bucyrus, $30,000

Scott Kent Crawford County Sheriff to Water Street Properties, Inc., 839 Faustina Ave., Bucyrus, $21,334*

Estate of Teena M. Bryant to S & P Affordable Rentals, LLC, 615 E. Oakwood Ave., Bucyrus, $19,000

Dustin and Annaruth Diller to Kyle and Angela Bowen, 210 N. Liberty St., Galion, $23,000

Jessie B. Jones, Jr. and John P. Jones to Dana J. Nolen and Naomi R. Nolen, 314 Third Ave., Galion, $32,000

Constance S. Cook, nka Constance S. Welborn to Roger Groves, 315 E. Oakwood, Bucyrus, $70,000

Terry L. Kochheiser aka & Cynthia G. Kochheiser to Weston L. Kochheiser, 6597 Windfall Rd., Galion, $188,644

Ronald E. Auck to Ronald E. Auck, Nichole Martin POD, 6460 Connelly Road, New Washington, $3,000

Verl B. Stevenson, Trustee of the Stevenson Family Revocable Trust dated May 2, 1996 to James William Stepro and Marilyn Ann Stepro, Trustees of the Stepro Family Revocable Living Trust Agreement, dated March 3, 2016, 202-202 ½ N. Liberty St., Galion, $25,000

Patricia C. Betts aka Charlene Betts to Wechter Farms, LLC by Roger Wechter, 6040 St. Rt. 39, Tiro, $4,000

Patricia C. Betts, Executrix of Lloyd I. Betts estate to Wechter Farms, LLC by Roger Wechter, 6040 St. Rt. 39, Tiro, $4,000

Jeff and Nancy Germann to Shirley Faye Statham, 279 Meadow Lane, Galion, $117,000

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure