Two vying to become new county recorder

BUCYRUS — Voters across the county will cast their ballots Tuesday to decide who is going to fill the shoes of retiring county recorder Karen Scott.

Democrat candidate Dawn Schnabel and Republican candidate Julie A. Wells both work in the recorder’s office and are vying for the position.

Schnabel has worked in the recorder’s office for 18 years and as a county employee for 25 years.

“I was hired by Ruth McKibben Volk and worked under her until she retired. Karen Scott was her chief deputy recorder before Karen was elected to the position of recorder. I have worked as Karen’s chief deputy recorder for 12 years of the 18 that I have been in the recorder’s office,” Schnabel said. “ I feel that I am the most qualified person for the job.”

Wells has worked in the recorder’s office for 11 years but has spent the last two decades employed by Crawford County.

“I worked for the Board of Commissioners before being hired to work in the recorder’s office,” Wells said.

Both Schnabel and Wells said the recorder’s office is responsible for all land transactions, such as deeds, liens and mortgages, for the entire county.

Schnabel said her number one priority, if elected, is to continue operating the recorder’s office efficiently.

“I will work for ensure that all the records are safely recorded and archived,” Schnabel said.

Schnabel said the records kept by the office date back to the 1800s.

Wells said she wants to create a website for the recorder’s office if elected to the position.

“The site could be accessed through the county’s already existing web site and would contain state guidelines and other requirements. It will provide people with information that they now have to come into the office to obtain,” Wells said.

Schnabel said she the most qualified person for the position of the Crawford County Recorder.

“As Chief Deputy, I take over the recorder’s duties in her absence in addition to performing my duties so I know what the job entails. I have the endorsement of the current recorder, Karen Scott,” said Schnabel. “I want to serve the residents of Crawford County.”

Wells said she has the qualifications needed to become the new county recorder.

“I have the experience and skills necessary to make positive changes in the recorder’s office to better serve the residents of Crawford County,” said Wells.

Dawn Schnabel Dawn Schnabel Schnabel Dawn Schnabel

Julie Wells Wells

By Kimberly Gasuras


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