Galion man owes about $180,000 in restitution

BUCYRUS — A Galion man was in Crawford County Common Pleas Courtordered to pay the restitution amounts that he owes to the victims in his cases of breaking and entering.

James M. Rumbarger, 39, 111 ½ Atwood St., was convicted on five counts of breaking and entering in August and must pay restitution in the amounts of $7,000, $500, and $2,012.53 to three of the five victims. A fourth victim may be owed as much as $169,500, but did not show up for the hearing.

The fifth victim, Majid Ressallat, brought photos of the damage to his building, along with estimates, to the hearing.

Ressallat is owed $80,900 by Rumbarger, but Judge Sean Leuthold cautioned Ressallat that he may never see all of the money he is owed and that if Rumbarger fails to successfully complete the five years of community control he was sentenced to in August, he could end up serving time in prison.

Leuthold ordered Bowman to pay restitution to all four of the victims in his cases.

Chase M. Bowman, 19, Bucyrus, was sentenced to nine months in prison after he admitted to violating the terms of his probation by failing to complete his drug treatment program.

Bowman was sentenced to five years of community control in February after he pleaded guilty to possession of drugs, a fifth-degree felony.

James Rumbarger Rumbarger

Chase Bowman Bowman

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