Bucyrus Police reports-Sept. 20

Staff report

Sept. 19

10:06 a.m.- A report of a man on a roof, trying to break into a home was investigated. The man on the roof was identified as the owner of the residence, doing repairs to the roof.

10:28 a.m.- An employer requested a welfare check on an employee that did not show up for work. The employee was located and is fine.

12:06 p.m.- Officers assisted the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office in the 1800 block of East Mansfield Street.

1:41 p.m.- A report of a shoplifter at Walmart was investigated.

2:04 p.m.- An East Rensselaer Street resident reported medication stolen from her residence.

3:55 p.m.- Officers assisted the Bucyrus Fire department in the 600 block of Kaler Avenue.

4:14 p.m.- Jameseta Williams, 32, was arrested in the 100 block of Heritage Circle on charges of domestic violence. She was taken to the Crawford County Justice Center to be held for court.

5:03 p.m.- A welfare check was requested on a person in the 600 block of East Southern Avenue.

5:16 p.m.- Officers assisted Life Support Team in the 500 block of East Charles Street.

5:19 p.m.- Officers spoke to a person at the police department about an animal complaint.

5:49 p.m.- A disturbance was investigated in the area of Spring and Mansfield Streets.

6:14 p.m.- A welfare check was requested on a person in the 200 block of Wayne Avenue.

7:09 p.m.- A disturbance was reported in the 200 block of Hopley Avenue.

7:20 p.m.- A disturbance was investigated in the1200 block of Teddy Avenue.

8:06 p.m.- Officers assisted a male with finding a place to stay for the night.

8:37 p.m.- A report of a disorderly male in the area of East Warren and S. Lane Streets was investigated.

9:03 p.m.- A report of a possible water line break in the 1100 block of Linden Avenue was investigated.

9:41 p.m.- Officers conducted a welfare check in the 100 block of Heritage Circle.

9:47 p.m.- A report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of Sunset Drive and Fairview Avenue was investigated.

10:23 p.m.- Officers responded to an accident in the 400 block of North Sandusky Avenue.

10:27 p.m.- A report of juveniles trying to get into a building in the 700 block of North Lane Street was investigated.

10:36 p.m.- A report of a missing juvenile in the supposedly in the area of Orra and West Irving Streets was investigated.

11:43 p.m.- A report of a male yelling in the area of Fairview Avenue and Sunset Drive was investigated. It was found to be a resident looking for his lost dog.

Sept. 20

12:04 a.m.- Officers assisted a State Trooper in the area of EastCharles and South Lane Streets.

5:56 a.m.- A male was cited for driving under suspension in the area of Hopley Avenue and Sherwood Drive.


Staff report