New texting law starts today; rules target young drivers

GALION — Ohio’s new Texting Ban for drivers goes into effect today.

It was designed to stop drivers younger that 18 from driving distracted. That offense, for anyone younger than 18, is now a primary offense, meaning law enforcement does not have to have another reason to stop a driver they see texting.

Juveniles also are no longer allowed to use cellphones, ipods, GPS,or any other hand held electronic device while driving. Anyone younger than 18 caught texting while driving (first offense) can be fined up to $150 fine and receive a 60-day license suspension. Repeat offenses can cost up to$300 in fines and the loss of your driver’s license for a year

Texting while driving will remain a secondary offense for adults, meaning law enforcement must have another reason (other than texting, such as speeding) to stop someone.

This information was submitted by the Galion Police Department.

New texting laws start today; new rules target young drivers texting laws start today; new rules target young drivers

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