Strong winds, heavy rain cause isolated damage in Galion

GALION — Isolated wind damage in Galion on Saturday seemed to focus on the Heise Park area.

The bleachers in Heise Park Stadium at the north end of Unckrich Field were picked by the wind or were rolled by the wind some 30 feet and upended. They are on the all-weather track, almost to the fence and the north entry gate of the football stadium.

The poles and bracing where the Gridiron Club had its tent set up for Friday’s game is now a mangled mess of twisted metal. If the tent was still attached when damaging winds hit about 6 p.m. Saturday, it was nowhere to be found Sunday morning.

It may have been removed before the story, or after the storm.

A large tree on private property at 11 Heise Park Lane was down.

A small tree was damaged on the southwest corner of Portland Way North and Heise Park Lane, in a lot previously occupied by the Galion Inquirer.

Numerous small limbs and branches were blown from trees at the western end of Summit Street, adjacent to Heise Park. However, it was isolated to two or three yards, and then nothing.

Jerry Voss, who lives on Summit Street, was not home when the rain and heavy wind blew through the area. He was in the parking lot at Geyer’s and said his pickup was rocked back and forth by the heavy wind and that grocery carts were blowing all over the parking lot.

Cindy Voss was home during the storm and she said the limbs and twigs and other items hitting the picture window in her family room was kind of frightening. But other than a messy yard and deck, reported no serious damage.

According to a dispatcher at the police department, no other serious storm damage was reported in the Galion area.

By Russ Kent


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