Crawford Park District program schedule

Combined Tellin’Tales/Leesville

The Crawford Park District has announced its quarterly history program. This next one is at 2 p.m. on July 23 at Lowe-Volk Park. The program will combine the popular Tellin’ Tales program with some history about old-time drug stores and Leesville.

Local communities usually had one or more drug stores. Early treatments relied on herbal cures, with the pharmacist often mixing a special product. Many pre-mixed patent medicines made claims they were medical panaceas. Drug stores with a soda fountain became regular meeting places for area residents.

If you wish to participate, bring your memories and memorabilia to share. Joe Blum, of the New Washington Historical Society, will have some local pharmacy bottles to share.

View the night sky

Join Crawford Park District volunteers and members of the Lowe-Volk Astronomy Club as they share their knowledge and telescope skill sat 9 p.m. Saturday, July 23 at Lowe-Volk Park.

Sky targets for July include ThM-13, the Great Hercules Globular Cluster; M-4, a more distant globular cluster; and Arcturus, a star hundreds of times larger than our star.

Bring your own telescope or allow the volunteers to assist you with those provided. It is a spectacular universe.

Harvey School prairie program

Crawford Park District Naturalist Warren Uxley has spent several years building a tallgrass prairie at the Harvey One Room School on Caldwell Road, one mile East of Ohio 4. On July 24 at 2 p.m., Uxley will talk about his successes and analyze the problems he has encountered during this project.

For information about any park district program, call the Crawford Park District office at 419-683-9000, visit or check out the district’s Facebook page.