Two corrections officers earn accolades

Staff report

BUCYRUS – Crawford County Sheriff Scott Kent presented awards of valor to two corrections officers this week.

The award is presented when a commissioned deputy is seriously injured in the line of duty.

According to Kent, on April 28, Corrections Officer Chad Wagner was processing an inmate who had been brought in the night before. During this process, the inmate became argumentative with Wagner and would not follow instructions. Wagner attempted to escort the inmate to a holding cell and a struggle ensued between Wagner and the inmate. Corrections Officer Jerry Clark responded to help control the inmate.

During the struggle, both officers were bit on the arms, and Wagner sustained a concussion. Both officers received medical treatment.

Several other officers assisted to top the scuffle.

Because of actions and sacrifice of Corrections Officers Chad Wagner and Jerry Clark, control was gained over the inmate and further injury to other corrections officers was possibly prevented, Kent said in a media release.

Staff report