Crawford County property transfers for May, 2016

Staff report

The following Property Transfers were recorded in Crawford County during the month of May 2016:

First Federal Community Bank to Darlene M. Boudinot, 224 Nevada Wynford Rd., Nevada, $10,000*

Eric M. Zier, by Ohio Real Estate Auctions to Tonia N. Studer, 121 N. Pearl St., Crestline, $23,650

Niese Family Land Co., LLC to Drew D. Dentinger, 16.986 Acres, Lemert Rd., Holmes Twp, OH, $55,000

Amos A. Wolfe and Nichole S. Wolfe to Norman T. Ziegler, 6430 Knauss Rd., Sycamore, $134,000

J. Carole Arlen to Steven A. Arlen and Victoria L. Arlen, 625 Fairview Ave., Galion, $65,000

Carol A. Dunn to Brandi J. Mattingly & Michael S. Spaulding, 529 Portland Way North, Galion, $68,400

Kristi L. Kempf fka Kristi L. Spangler to Mark Collins and Tammy Collins, 1275 Smith St., Galion, $18,500

Susan K. Eaton to Michael R. Eaton, 169 Penn Ave., Bucyrus, $38,125

FirstMerit Bank, N.A. to Angela S. Shifley, 817 Bel Air Drive, Galion, $46,500

James M. Clark & Mary Lou Horsley Clark to Dave Shulaw, 907/915 Failor Ave., Bucyrus, $12,000

Charles R. Crawford to U.S. Bank Trust, N.A. as Trustee, 930 North Henry St., Crestline, $64,000*

Martin V. Fullenlove to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, 520 Chestnut Place, Galion, $61,334*

Amanda L. Bush to Tonino Sidoti and Antonino Sidoti, 954 Highland Ave., Galion, $35,750

William L. Auck and Glenna S. Coleman Auck to Diana M. Stanley, 1100 Reid St., Bucyrus, $54,000

Diana L. Castle to Austin W. Davis, 1420 Baehr St., Galion, $58,000

Corinna A. Sipes to John F. Zeiger, 770 Melody Lane, Bucyrus, $144,500

Beverly Ann Tridico by Kimberle A. Tucker, POA to Codey K. McEllece and Charity Young, 1405 Harding Way E., Galion, $53,900

Daphene Stamper to Aaron J. Rittenour, 425 E. Lucas St., Bucyrus, $62,000

Donald P. Schifer to Zachary Daniel Schifer, 3831 St. Rt. 19, Bucyrus, $415,000

Dwight Edward Sexton & Christine Annette Sexton, Trustees to Randy E. Lady & Terri A. Lady, 255 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $150,000

Olde Village Express, Inc., to Brandon L. Eidson and Dreama A. Eidson, 429 E. Charles St., Bucyrus, $16,800

Kristina Castle to HSBC Bank USA, National Association as Trustee, 409 Kaler Ave., Bucyus, $16,667*

Amy E. Swalley to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 5067 Marion Melmore Rd., Sycamore, $45,600*

Matthew A. Pace and Amanda K. Pace to Duane A. Wilson, 7351 Knauss Rd., Bloomvile, $109,000

Douglas J. Bear to Zorns & Byers, Ltd., 621 Harding Way East, Galion, $1,200

Jeffrey M. Cerreta to Steven A. Soria Jr., 336 N. Pearl St., Crestline, $59,000

Leona B. Cole to Anthony J. Strassell and Rose M. Strassell, 901 North Henry St., Crestline, $89,900

Jeunesse L. Young & Raymond E. Young, Jr. to Avita Health Systems, 623 Pleasant Hill Dr., Bucyrus, $45,000

Dennis L. Keler to Keith N. Moore, 407 W. Atwod St., Galion, $46,500

Lisa Perkins to Carls Properties, LLC, 546 Failor Ave., Bucyrus, $5,000

Estate of Donald L. Hoffman to Michael J. Lester, 1311 Nazor Rd., Galion, $24,000

Nancee & Mark Wood; Susan & Charles Butler; Carl Jr. & Nancy Linn to Jack A. Linn, 3831 Poole Rd., Bucyrus, $21,125

Woodward G. Nolen Sr. and Verna M. Nolen to Jo Ann Oney and Lawrence W. Oney, 528 N. Henry St., Crestline, $29,500

Roy Dent Successor Trustee to Scott A. Stover and Connie J. Stover, 796 Sunnyside Dr., Galion, $50,000

David E. Myers Jr., Nancy J. Myers, Rebecca D. Myers to Mike James and Gail James, 5950 SR 598, Shelby, $209,000

The Galion Building and Loan Bank to Ranee M. Fox, 358 Carmel Ave., Galion, $65,000

Rendie L. Griffith aka Rendie L. Thomas to Seth R. Albert, 609 Grove Ave., Galion, $58,900

Ryan Waterford, LLC to James & June Rauchenstein, 105 Waterford Dr., Bucyrus, $180,000

Kathryn E. Sautter to Mary M. Adams to 807 Faustina Ave., Bucyrus, $15,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee to Dean A. Pfeifer, 1254 State Route 61, Galion, $35,200

Paul E. Nuechterlein and Virginia R. Nuechterlein to Jeffrey M. Cerreta, 633 Elmwood Dr., Galion, $86,000

Margaret C Farrell to Tracy A & Charlene E Price, 923 E Kibler St., New Washington, $110,000.

Kim A & Tamara S Swartz to Mitchell C Phillips, 2304 Beck Rd., Crestline, $174,500.

Zach J Hatfield to Brian J Barnett & Whitney N Booth, 512 Scott St., Crestline, $56,700.

Richard F Faeth, Successor Trustee to John T & Holly A Roe, 304 Helen Ave., Crestline, Partial Value $28,950.

Kevin R Faeth to John T & Holly A Roe, 304 Helen Ave., Crestline, Partial Value $28,950.

Daniel J Campbell to Mikayla L Hanshaw, 560 Grand St., Galion, $53,000.

Allen R & Heidi Hocker to Joshua Crosby, 70 McDavid Dr., Galion, $77,000

Jack P Agler, Jr. & Beth A Agler to Paul E & Teresa L Crawford, 1540 Lakewood Dr., Bucyrus, $140,000

David H & Jean R Harrer & Steven D & Carol L Osborne to Frederick R Schulz, PPN 13-000-02239 split, Chatfield Center Rd., $12,000.

Michael R Songer to Asset Joy Properties, LLC, 309 High St., Crestline, $4,000.

Daniel F Chapman, Jr. to Jesse J Chapman, 7550 St. Rt. 39, Crestline, $90,000

Phillip H Fox, Trustee & Deborah Strong Fox, Trustee to Daniel & Jessica Wake, 1070 Greenbrier Dr., Galion, $279,500.

Lisa K Golihue, Larry L Beach, Laura L Vermilyer fka Laura L Johnson to James R & Marsha J Clark, 677 Willowcrest Lane, Galion, $68,000.

Elizabeth A Quaintance, POA to Jack P & Beth A Agler, 490 Stevens Ct., Bucyrus, $55,000.

Jamie l & Lynne N Schruth to Robert Touby Nash, 907 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $69,900.

Connie L Shull to Wendy K Young nka Wendy K Ryland, 3237 Bruce Ct., Bucyrus, $33,000

Scott D & Lori J Murphy to Todd & Shawna Layland, 139 W Summit St., Galion, $67, 300

Timothy S & Brenda L Cross to Matthew Jackson, 705 Crescent Way, Galion, $18,700.

Daniel J Wake to Andrea M & Christopher M Watts, 315 S Walnut St., Bucyrus, $89,000

David F Hammock, Sr. (married) to The First Presbyterian Church, 128 S Spring St., Bucyrus, $12,500

Sherry S Jividen to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as Trustee, 1421 Cullen Ave., Bucyrus, $60,350

Renovate 1st, LLC, a Michigan Limited Liability Co. to Modern Property Management, LLC an Ohio Limited, 245-247 S Columbus St. & 634-636 S Union St., Galion, 421,500

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M Kent to Peoples Savings & Loan Company, 442 S Union St., Galion, $18,667.

Samuel & Mary Beth Frey to Robert & Traci Shuster, 3747 Monnett-New Winchester Rd., Bucyrus, $45,000.

Scott D Carrier, Trustee to Marisa & Andrew Shaffer, 122 Mansfield St., Galion, $45,000

Dr. Holbrook Riles, Jr. to Elkhorn Farms Enterprises, LLC by Samuel A Ballou & Margaret, 2254 Isaac Beal Rd., Bucyrus, $100,000

Joel M & Jennifer A Kurtz to Johnathan C & Jeni J Ezzell, 3448 Andrews Rd., Bucyrus, $140,500

Thomas Holtshouse, Sole Successor Trustee of the Holtshouse Family to Judith D Watts, 1109 Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $118,000.

Travis H & Angela K Hardy to Christopher W Zapior Blankenship & Robert G Blankenship Zapior, 206 Gains St., Bucyrus, $65,000.

Larry E. & Fred L Ramsey to Dennis Keller, 355 Oak St., Galion, $38,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, National & Association to Thomas E & Rhonda L Evans, 528 McDonald Ave., Galion, $30,100.

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure

Staff report