Ordinance revised: no alcohol in city parks

By Kimberly Gasuras - [email protected]

Two ordinances that were sent back to the Galion City Council’s laws and ordinances committee after the third reading were revised by the city’s law director and will now be sent back to council for a vote.

Ordinance 2016-31 will allow business owners to apply for a permit for the sale of consumption of alcohol in designated outdoor areas while adhering to the state liquor laws. A part of the ordinance allowing non-profits to apply for a liquor permit for special events was amended to limit those events to be held in the Uptowne area only and not in any of the city’s parks.

“The amended version of the ordinance will only allow non-profits to apply for a permit in the U-zoning area only which encompasses Public Square, enclosed alleys, down to the depot pavilion area,” said city law director Tom Palmer during a meeting of the laws and ordinance committee Tuesday evening.

Many residents were in attendance to once again voice their concerns about allowing non-profits to apply for a permit to sell and consume alcohol in city parks.

Rev. Rick Maddox has said that the Galion Ministerial Association was against the ordinance was at the meeting.

“I am happy with the changes. City parks are family-oriented and for the children of the community. With this amended version of the ordinance, alcohol will not be allowed in the parks so we support it,” Maddox said.

Jim Hedges, the chair of the committee, along with committee member Gail Baldinger, voted to approve the ordinance to be brought back to council for a vote at the next meeting while member Shirley Clark voted against it.

“I think that alcohol should be allowed at special events in the parks. We are talking five times per year, not every day and not everybody. A non-profit would have to apply for the permit and follow the rules of the state liquor board. Not everyone in town was against the ordinance the way it was originally written. It is a few people who are always against everything we try to do,” Clark said.

Council president Carl Watt also said people he had spoken with in the community seemed to be approving of the ordinance the way it was originally written.

The committee also voted on ordinance 2016-32 to allow permanent outdoor dining areas in the uptowne area, in front of businesses or beside the business if on a corner.

Both pieces of legislation will be brought before council as a whole at the next regular meeting at 7 p.m. on June 14.

By Kimberly Gasuras

[email protected]

Reach Gasuras on Twitter: @kimberlygasuras

Reach Gasuras on Twitter: @kimberlygasuras