Internet Safety Seminar to be held at GHS

Staff report

The Galion City School District is hosting an internet safety seminar designed specifically for parents and adults only Tuesday, May 17. The event will begin at 7 p.m. in the Galion High School gymnasium and is free and open to the general public, including non-school parents and adults.

Jesse Weinberger, a nationally recognized Internet Safety speaker, TEDx speaker and author, has been presenting to parents, students, teachers and school districts all over the United States since 2003. Her particular passion is in speaking directly with tweens, teens and the parents who may not understand how best to keep their children safe.

“We are excited to have Jesse coming to Galion to speak to our parents and community adults about the dangers that exist in the always connected world we live in today,” Galion Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “Her presentation will be an eye opening experience, and it is my hope that the adults in attendance will heed her message.”

As a respected expert and leader in this field, Jesse is frequently sought out by media, educators, administrators and law enforcement for guidance on how to manage and improve the digital lives of children all over the country. The seminar will last two hours and cover four topics, including: Understanding Social Media and Media Literacy; Cyberbullying; Sexting; and Sexual Predation.

For more information about Jesse Weinberger, visit Please contact Mr. Paul Wheeler at 419-468-3432 with questions specifically related to the Galion seminar.

Staff report