Warpole Chapter No. 366 notes – April

Staff report

Warpole Chapter #366 was opened in ritualistic form by Worthy Matron Roberta Ekleberry with a Friendship Night poem to welcome Ruth Chapter members for our evening.

The conductress introduced the following honored members Joann Hastings, Past Grand Matron, Diane Kracker, Grand Organist, and Darcie Miller, Grand Representative of Oregon in Ohio.

Other groups recognized were Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Ruth Chapter, Past Matrons and Patrons of Warpole Chapter, Honored Masons, OES Home Trustee, District Officers, Grand Pages and Grand Aides, Charity Director, and Former Grand Appointments.

The Worthy Matron asked members of Ruth Chapter #17 Mansfield to stand for a poem about Friendship.

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report were read and approved.Bills for the evening were read and a motion was made, seconded, and passed to pay the bills.

Memorials were read for those members who have recently passed away.

Thank you notes and communications were read by the secretary. Coming events were announced. The Sunshine report was read by Carol Grubel. Debbie Pool reported on Candy Bar sales. Dick Eyestone reported on the Scholarship Guidelines. Darla Hudson gave a report on the District 10 play.

Remarks were given by Joann Hastings, Diana Krocker and Marla Barber.

The May meeting was announced for May 5, 2016 and that the June meeting would be a potluck. The chapter was closed.

The Worthy Matron asked that the Conductress escort Brenda Zeigler to the East to be honored for 30 years of service as our Chapter Secretary. The Worthy Matron then told some of Brenda’s past from Rainbow to the present.

A skit called the “Order of Eating Sisters” was read by Roberta Ekleberry, Sharon Kloepfer, and Rita Dropsey which was enjoyed by all. The Worthy Matron distributed a present to all Secretaries in attendance. Refreshment were served in the Dining Room.

Staff report