Galion City Schools staff working hard to keep learning on track

GALION — Despite a three-week, state-mandated closure, Galion City School District staff are working hard to keep their students up-to-date on lessons.

“From the leader standpoint of the district, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate our staff and their willingness to step up and take care of the children in our community,” Superintendent Jim Grubbs said

For the next two weeks, teachers will continue to create assignments for students, so they stay on track with their learning for the year.

Courtesy photo Mr. Brown is hosting a program on Facebook that encourages students to keep drawing. This Tiger is an appropriate subject for Galion City Schools students.


“They have, in many cases, gone above and beyond our expectations,” Grubbs said. “Our kitchen staff, our bus drivers, our aides, our teaching staff … they all came together and are working together as a team to help our community. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.”

The key is keeping students focused.

Courtesy photo Fourth-grade teachers spend time getting organized to better help their students who are stuck at home for the next three weeks in week of the COVID-10 pandemic.


“We’re not in control of anything going on, and like with any skill, if you don’t practice, you’ll lose it,” freshman English teacher Dave Kirk said of having to switch to online learning for the time being. “That’ll be the main thing that we focus on during the fourth quarter. I don’t know how much improvement we are actually going to be able to bring without actual class time, but we at least don’t want to go backward.”

To keep students involved on more than just an academic level, teachers have been calling their homes to talk to students and see how they’re doing or if they need help. They also are making videos talking about missing the students and what they’re doing in preparation for the students’ return to school and posting those videos on Facebook. The district has also utilized many other activities on different Facebook pages.

For the younger students, the intermediate school Facebook page hosts a live “Draw with Steve Harpster” program at 2 p.m. where the kids get to follow along and draw cartoon characters.

The Galion Primary/Intermediate PTO is hosting a Facebook live event on Wednesday nights over the break where students join in at 7:45 p.m. for a bedtime story.

Courtesy photo Art classes are still be going on via social media. And Liliana shared this picture.


The middle school is hosting a virtual spirit week, and students are asked to participate and share a picture of them doing their homework in whatever that day’s attire is.

On Wednesday, there will be chalk handed out with school lunches, and district members are asking students to participate in “Chalk the Walk” and write a positive and encouraging message to the Galion community.

Courtesy photo Galion City Schools administrator Jenny Allerding and son Kaden share a message thanking essential workers in the community for their efforts.


Though this type of learning isn’t ideal, the Galion City School District staff and administrators remain as dedicated as ever to their students, and they hope soon to see them back in their classrooms.


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