Ray and Doris Ferguson celebrate 70 years of marriage

Ray and Doris Ferguson celebrated 70 years of marriage this past Christmas day.

They met when Ray’s family moved to Metamora in from Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Doris recalled thinking “what a handsome guy” when she was introduced to Ray. He also was struck by her beauty and asked her for a date. There were many dates thereafter.

She also loved his sense of humor. She was eager to lend an ear to the many jokes he loved to tell.

After dating for almost a year, she didn’t take long to give a resounding ‘yes’ when he proposed marriage to her. The ceremony took place at the home of her uncle, who was pastor of the church they attended.

In 1954, the Fergusons moved to Galion, from Hamilton, where Ray was staff manager at National Life Insurance C0. Doris was employed a number of years at North Electric. Co.

Ray credits the longevity of their marriage to the fact that D0ris is a marvelous cook and bakes delicious pies.

They both agreed their faith in God has sustained them through any trials or difficulties they’ve endured.

They are active members of Southview Baptist Church. They are very thankful for the 70 years they’ve shared and for their loving family, four daughters and sons-in-law. They also have nine grandchildren, five great grandchildren and two great/great grandchildren.

They still look forward to receiving and reading the Galion Inquirer to keep them informed of events and activities taking place in the area.

Courtesy photo Ray and Doris Ferguson
https://www.galioninquirer.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/38/2018/01/web1_Anniversary.jpgCourtesy photo Ray and Doris Ferguson