Crawford Park District looking for a dark, dark place

Do you have a favorite dark place in Crawford County?

Artificial Light pollutes the view of 83 percentof the Earth’s population to the night sky. Due to light pollution, the Milky Way is not even visible to more than one-third of humanity. This has inspired the Lowe-Volk Astronomy Club to look for the darkest location in Crawford County.

Contact the Crawford Park District and club members will come to your property and measure the sky’s darkness with a Sky Quality Meter. It could be your yard, your back-40, or even some other site in rural Crawford County. If you have the darkest place, the club will conduct a Night Sky Program at your site during the summer program quarter.

We will be able to show the beautiful night sky to kids and interested adults, unimpeded by artificial light. Contact the Crawford Park District at 419-683-9000 by June 1 if you are willing to let an Astronomy Club member come and measure your darkest location and host a future Sky Program. You can help prevent light pollution by turning off unnecessary lights or by putting them on motion detectors. Make sure the light falls to the ground ,not up into the sky.