Can’t make it to Mohican? Look for wildlife this weekend at Lowe-Volk Park

LEESVILLE — Mohican Wildlife Weekend – Ohio’s Pollinators, is Saturday and Sunday at Mohican. But a little closer to home, Lowe-Volk Park, part of the Crawford Park District, is having it’s own celebration of wildlife and pollinators.

Except for the Saturday evening Night Sky Program, these events will be offered at the same time Saturday and Sunday. Lowe-Volk Park is north of Galion at 2401 Ohio 598.

The park is open from dawn to dusk and includes two miles of hiking trails and a pond for fishing.  The Nature Center is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The Nature Center includes many natural and cultural displays, along with live animals to view, a bird observation room, and our new Interactive Tree. 

The Park District also is giving away free Cardinal Flower plants to the first 25 visitors/families that walk through the door. 

Be sure to check out other programming offered during this great weekend of nature appreciation at:

Goldenrod Galls 10 a.m.:  Goldenrods are a wonderful species that attracts many different pollinators, from bees and butterflies, to beetles and wasps. While goldenrods are a late summer bloom, their dead stalks can still support life. A tiny fly, the Gall Fly, lays eggs on the growing stem of goldenrod and the larva overwinters in a little chamber created by the goldenrod plant. We will explore these little balls of treasure to see what is inside, and then go on a hike to explore the value in leaving your “dead” flowers stand over the winter. Fun for all ages!

How Does Pollination Work? noon:
Through a fun-filled – and tasty! – Cheetos activity, participants will understand how plants and animals make pollination work. Afterwards, there will be a Pollinator Scavenger Hunt. Fun for all ages!

Successes of a Pollination Station 2 p.m.:
The grounds at Lowe-Volk Park have two active sites dedicated to pollinators: the Butterfly Garden and Pollination Station. These small sites are host to many native plants that attract a wide variety of pollinators, from hummingbirds to Monarchs. This short hike will follow the trail of successes – and set-backs – of each site, giving homeowners a taste for what they can expect in establishing their own tiny pollinator oasis on their property.

Night Sky program Saturday only, 8 p.m. at  Lowe-Volk Park:
The Big Dipper has many galaxies and will be our night sky target. The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) is 30 million light years away. M81 and M82 are two galaxies tearing each other apart. We will also look at Globular Cluster (M5) that is made up of thousands of stars.