Holden Windbigler is GHS Student of the Month

GALION — Holden Windbigler, a sophomore at Galion High School, was selected as the February 2017 Student of the Month. The positive character trait for February at GHS was “showing compassion.”

Holden was selected from a group of more than 20 of his peers at GHS. Those students nominated for February 2017 Student of the Month included: Melanie Blair, Brady Bonham, Ecco Bosworth, Ayllah Burton, Bradley Clark, Natalie Conkel, Kiersten Gifford, Farrah Gregg, Justin Horning, Chloe Klepatzki, Alison Longwell, Payton McCartney, Jalyn Oswald, Brandon Powell, David Riddle, Kacie Runyon, Madison Salyer, Emily Saunders, Justin Schneider, Nicole Thomas, Courtney Throckmorton and Kirsten Wagoner.

“Being selected as the Student of the Month really means a lot to me,” said Windbigler. “I’ve always put hard work into being the best person I can be, and it feels good to be recognized for it.”

Holden is a member of the indoor and outdoor track teams and helps coach the summer track program sponsored by the Galion Community Center YMCA. He and a fellow GHS classmate produce the school newscast that everyone watches daily.

“Holden shows compassion towards others every day and is a good role model for students,” said High School Principal Ron Williams. “He is very deserving of this honor and I am excited to see what the future holds for him.”

For more information about the Galion High School Student of the Month program, please contact Molly Fairchild at fairchild.molly@galionschools.org.

Holden Windbigler
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