Why have you forsaken us?

An excellent question; and a question every police officer across this country should be asking our media, our politicians, and each one of us. Because, whether we want to admit it or not, we have forsaken them.

Every time we accept political rhetoric denigrating police officers, we forsake them. Every time we believe the lies of the special interest groups, we forsake them. Every time we do not stand up for them when they are falsely accused, we forsake them.

Criminals certainly speak out against police officers, and criminals and their families vote. When criminals or their families are made the darlings of the media, they are quick to tell us how police officers abuse them, disrespect them and harass them.

What they don’t tell us, is that they are criminals, and the reason the police became involved in the first place is because a crime was committed. Criminals are a special interest group that will be happy to see laws passed that will reduce the number of police officers, or restrict their abilities to do their job properly.

Politicians, and the media who kneel at the altar of political correctness, certainly have been quick to degrade and vilify our police officers. It increases votes and ratings.

Before we climb aboard the already overburdened bandwagon of police haters, we would do best to keep a few things in mind. First, we need to understand that police officers are not the enemy. They are the only ones in the debate who will protect and defend us without asking anything in return. Police officers are the only ones who stand between us and the predatory criminals who walk so freely among us.

We need to keep in mind that when we hear an intruder in our home, it will not be the media, special interest groups, or politicians that we will call; it will be a police officer.

We need to keep in mind that if we keep forsaking our police officers, one day they may be forced to forsake us. If we continue to believe the lies, if we continue to listen to those with private agendas, then there may come a day when you call for a police officer and there will be no one left to answer your call.

There are many things we can do to support our police officers. We can be as loud and active in the support of our police officers as the special interest groups are in speaking false accusations against them. We may not have open access to the media as do the special interest groups, but we can send our opinions to the editors of our newspapers and let them know we no longer will listen to the lies. We can write our politicians and tell them our next vote will not be to forsake our police officers.

The easiest way to show our police officers that we have not forsaken them is simply to tell them. When you see officers, take a few minutes to say hello, and thank them for their service. When you pass police officers on the road don’t be afraid to smile and wave. When you see police officers out in public take a moment to ask them how their day is going.

They will probably smile and say, “Just fine”. They probably will not say, “During my shift today I had to change my uniform because someone threw urine at me simply to protest my existence”. They probably won’t say, “During my shift today, the man I kept from beating a child slammed me against the wall so hard my ears are still ringing”. They probably won’t say, “During my shift today the woman I saved from a beating from her husband tried to scratch my eyes out when I arrested him”.

And there is something that they will never, ever admit to you; “During my shift today, to keep you safe, I would have willingly died for you.”


Hey Caiti

Johni Hipple


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