Neumann family celebrates 89th reunion


GALION — The J.O. and Anna Neumann family met Aug. 28 at the Frank Shelter House in Heise Park, with 38 members present for their 89th reunion.

Rena Lovely welcomed everyone and read a meal prayer from a book she received from Joe Seif, a cousin. All enjoyed the delicious food that was brought to share.

Mrs. Lovely opened the business meeting and asked some of the family who haven’t attended before, or for a long time to introduce themselves. She welcomed them and it was nice to have some new faces with us today.

There were five deaths and one birth recorded in the family book. She asked that everyone please turn in any deaths, births or marriages to her or to Home Bloodhart.

Ed Roseberry and Carol Miller were the oldest members present and Maggie Lovely was the youngest. Trevor and Emily (Sautter) Goerig traveled the farthest from Cincinnati and they were also recognized for being at the reunion for the first time as a married couple. They also brought their dog, Roxy.

The Baylor family had the most members present with 11 and one dog. So they will earn the family plaque back again this year.

There has not been a cousin’s breakfast for sometime, but if anyone has an interest to meet once a month for breakfast please let Mr. Bloodhart know.

The next reunion will be our 90th and if anyone would like to do something special or different, please contact Mrs. Lovely. It will be held on Aug. 27, 2017 at the same place and time.

Rena Lovely remains the only officer for the reunion.

A picture was taken and a collection for next year’s reunion was taken up.

There was a lot of face to face friendly conversation and a lot of members looked thru the “old” family scrapbooks.