This week In Galion’s history

By Noel Lizotte - [email protected]

Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

The week ending August 23, 2005

First United Church of Christ members Greg Russell and Jim Heiser were pictured preparing the fire pit for the annual corn roast. The roast had been held since 1929 – as best older members of the congregation could remember.

The Galion Marching Band was pictured practicing bows during the summer band camp in preparation for their first performance at the high school football game.

The Galion Hospital Women’s Auxiliary hosted their annual craft festival. Pictured were Mary Klehm and Virginia Sherer manning the white elephant booth.

The Galion High School class of 1980 met for their 25th reunion. A class picture was printed in the Monday August 22 edition of the Galion Inquirer.

High temperatures in the mid 70s were forecast for the week.

The week ending August 23, 1990

Galion Police Chief Val Young was pictured in the police stations’ new work area. The area had previously held jail cells.

Dandi Lions announced their first annual clam bake / jazz bash. Reservations were $30.00 per person at the club on State Route 61.

William Nedolast was named Galion city building and zoning chief, City Manager Ray Harbaugh announced.

Corn grower, Frank Hedges was pictured standing in his 5.5 acre test plot. Rows of corn were identified by signs naming the grain dealer and the variety ID number. He had 16 varieties growing in the test plot.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eichhorn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The week ending August 23, 1965

The Crawford County Coonhunters and Sportsmen, Inc sponsored the annual family picnic – featuring 180 pound of perch as the main course. They also hosted water races for hunting dogs – attracting 89 participating dogs.

A heat wave hit Galion, with at least five consecutive days of temperatures above 90.

The Tom-Boy Drive In advertised the Thursday special: Baked ham with a pineapple ring, potatoes, side, rolls, coffee for $1.35.

The IGA advertised Folgers instant coffee on sale, a 10 oz jar for only 99 cents. The Galion Square Market at 626 Harding Way East was an IGA store.

NASA flight Gemini – 5 was delayed due to radio problems. Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles (Pete) Conrad were scheduled for an 8 day endurance flight orbiting the earth.

94 year old farmer, Albert Sorrick was interviewed by the Galion Inquirer. The retired farmer still lived at home on Rt 30 South, south of Galion just beyond the Galion Country Club.

The week ending August 23, 1940

Frankfurters were on sale, 2 lbs for 25 cents at The Red & White Stores: Stevenson’s at 627 Harding Way East and Poth’s at 141 S Jefferson St.

Bernie’s Auto Supply at 111 Harding Way West advertised Nationally Known Pennsylvania Motor Oil on sale for 9 cents per quart.

The Maxwell House at 120 Harding Way West advertised their 12 oz Galion special steak dinner which included French Fried potatoes, vegetable salad, desserts, rolls and butter and a beverage for 85 cents. “Open All Night – We Never Close.”

The Galion Post Office prepared to register and fingerprint aliens in the city as required by the alien registration act. An alien was a person of foreign nationality living here without citizenship.

The German Nazi forces began bombing England in “Blitzkrieg.”

By Noel Lizotte

[email protected]