Sexual health clinic open at Galion health department

GALION — The Galion City Health Department is now doing testing and providing treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in a safe, discreet environment.

HIV testing, including referral services for positive results and PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis, for clients at high risk for HIV, is also being made available. Call 419-468-1075 for more information and scheduling options.

Sexually transmitted infections is the most prevalent communicable disease type in Galion, and many people do not know that they are infected. Over the last five years, in the City of Galion, two of the top four communicable diseases have been sexually transmitted (chlamydia and gonorrhea).

Approximately 20 million STIs are diagnosed in the U.S. annually at a huge burden to the physical and emotional health of those shouldering the disease, primarily the younger subset ages 15-24. Often, the infection is not noticed by those infected and can cause reproductive concerns including infertility in women if untreated.

This does not factor in the large cost to our healthcare system of a largely preventable set of infections. Early intervention with testing, treatment and education will provide better outcomes for our community.

Staff report