Galion recognizes Nursing Assistants Week

The City of Galion has declared June 11-18 as Nursing Assistants Week.

A proclamation signed by Mayor Tom O’Leary today reads:

“Whereas: Nursing homes, home care, hospitals and other long-term care agencies have accepted the responsibility for providing quality care and a quality of life for the elder, frail and disabled citizens in our community.

“Whereas: The wellbeing and happiness of these citizens depend in large part on the nursing assistants, home care aides, patient care assistants and others who provide 85-90 percent of the daily, hands-on care in nursing homes and other long term care settings.

“Whereas: These Career Nursing Assistants are instrumental in promoting and safeguarding the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of the residents, clients and their families.

“Whereas: Career Nursing Assistants are trained professionals, who collaborate closely with other health care providers to provide quality care and also to elevate the status of their chosen profession.

“Now , therefore, I, Thomas M. O’Leary, Mayor of the City of Galion do hereby proclaim June 11-18, 2015 as the 38th Annual National Nursing Assistants’ Week “Nursing Assistants @ the Heart of Caring.” I urge all citizens to join with me, and others nationwide, to celebrate the 38th annual observance of Nursing Assistants Week and to express encouragement and appreciation for the service performed by these caregivers in the public good.”

According to the Occupational Information Network, there were 1.4 million nursing assistants in the United States last year. There is an expected 15-21 percent growth in nursing assistant jobs through 2022.