Positivity a popular goal for 2017

GALION — By many accounts, 2016 was not a good year.

From a very divisive presidential election to the death of many national icons such as David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, most people are ready for a positive new outlook for 2017.

“2016 was an intense year, on many levels,” said local freelance writer and author Cindy Adkins. “I just want to have more fun and laugh more this year.”

For many Crawford County residents, getting in shape and losing weight are at the top of the list.

“Same thing every year, eat better and exercise. I fail miserably,” said Dawn Pollock, who echoes many people’s sentiments about trying to get in better shape.

Tee Cassidy, who is in the process of moving back to Crawford County, said healthy eating is important to her while Patrick Hill said he is going on a diet to lose weight.

Cortney De Jean lost her sister, Samantha, a few years ago which has made her spiritual journey a difficult one.

“This year, I want to surround myself with positive people and get right with God. Since Sam passed, I had stopped believing,” DeJean said.

Retired director of the Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce, Deb Pinion, has battled serious health issues in the past year.

“I just want to feel better and stay off of (medical) helicopters,” said Pinion.

While Kathleen Fritz is going to focus on giving up cigarettes, Shannon Lemasters said she wants to try one new thing each month.

Retha Hensley already stopped smoking about four weeks ago.

“I hope to continue that journey. I want to be a better person this year,” said Hensley. “I hope to spend more time with my dad and my son doing whatever makes them happy. I want to smile more and be happier than I’ve ever been.”

Bobby Bucyrus of the local band, Perfectly Damaged, wants to finish the book he is writing and to get one song he wrote played on the radio.

In the stress of everyday life, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner so Margaret Powers is vowing to take a little time for herself in 2017.

Chrystal Pfeifer is striving to carve out her niche in the creative world.

I want to find something I am passionate about doing or creating, that I do not fade interest in, and start a successful side gig doing that very thing,” said Pfeifer.

Joe Graham, who is a founding member of the Bucyrus-based Positive Seekers, has previously made one resolution he kept-not to make any more resolutions.

“Instead I set goals. The difference, for me, is that resolutions (I will do this thing) don’t have the flexibility of goals (I will work towards this thing). One I succeed at only if I attain it. The other I succeed at if I am working towards it,” Graham said.

Lisa Alsept wants to do more for those who appreciate it and less for those who do not while Tara Schiefer will continue to focus on her sobriety after a struggle with drug addiction.

“I want to save up money, said Amy Eulett. “And my most current goal is to start a non-profit charity.”

Eulett’s best friend, Jessica Butler Vanichek, wants to try to have better self-esteem.

“It’s so low now, I will not go out of the house at all without full makeup. I want to start Plexus, and hopefully lose weight, which would hopefully help with my self-esteem issues,” said Vanichek.

Mitch Schulze has several goals for 2017.

“Get a new job, get a girlfriend, buy a Corvette and lose weight,” said Schulze.

Michelle Pickett Coleman wants to cook at home more versus eating out while Nancy Bloomfield will strive to a better person.

Chris Copper said her resolution is to live like she is dying.

“This was a difficult year for us and embracing every moment like it is the last will maximize the time on this earth. And I will pray more,” Copper said.

Rob Berry will respect himself and his love ones while Phyllis Pfaff will focus on learning something new every day.

“Self-improvement,” said Pfaff.

Like many, Mike Burling wants to focus on fixing what is broken in this country.

“One action at a time, whatever I can do to help,” Burling said.

Brandon Dunford said 2017 is going be about furthering his education.

“With the political lashing we have coming, it’s best to be of more value in the workplace through college,” Dunford said.

Stephanie Bennett will focus on her spiritual walk with God.

“And bring people closer to Him. I want to make Him first in my life every day,” Bennett said.

Colonel Crawford graduate Mary Katherine Wendelken, who now resides in Tampa, Florida, is choosing love in the new year.

“I will remind myself, daily and hourly, that I am a child of God and as such, I can hold my head high, face life not with fear but with enthusiasm; honor my body by taking good care of it and renew my soul by recalling all that I have to be thankful for,” Wendelken said. “There are two energies in life, in my philosophy, Love and Fear. All else: joy, anger, stress, laughter, arise from these two energies. I choose Love, and all that comes with it.”

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By Kimberly Gasuras



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