LaChances celebrate 70th anniversary

of Galion, Ohio will celebrate 70 years of blissful marriage together on May 31, 2022.

Joanne is formerly from Canton, Ohio and Ray is from Willoughby, Ohio. They discovered each other as students at Bowling Green State University. A short time later, a letter was received from Ray’s draft board requesting him to come join the Army. No options were offered, so Ray became a soldier.

After one year of specialized schooling, Ray received his commission from the United States Corps of Engineers. A short time later, he and Joanne were married at the First Methodist Church in Canton, Ohio by the Reverend Doctor Roland G. Hohn on May 31, 1952.

Ray served in three different stateside posts prior to being sent to Inchon, Korea. He was Commanding Officer of the Engineer Supply Depot in Inchon. While Ray was serving his country in Korea, Joanne returned to stay with her parents and prayed for Ray’s safe return.

Happy to be back together, they decided they needed a nice long vacation. After that, Ray joined the family business and became its president. Joanne became secretary/treasurer for many years. In the meantime, they raised two sons, David and Richard, who both have joined the business. Included in their family is Dave’s wife, Lori, a grandson, granddaughter, three great grandsons and Richard’s son Evan.

Ray and Joanne both retired in 1985/86 and are enjoying the good life! They have enjoyed extensive travel in the U.S. and Canada, with much joy at their cottages in the Kawartha Hideaway in Ontario, Canada and Marentette Beach on Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada.