Say hello to the GHS Class of 2031: Another crew of kindergarteners have arrived at Galion Primary School

GALION — For many, sending a child to kindergarten creates feelings of anxiety and sadness. It marks a point in their young lives where “growing up” seems to take off. And it never seems to end.

The graduating class of 2031 started kindergarten last week at Galion Primary School, and for at least three members of the class, their excitement to get going was bubbling over.

Adylina Troiano has two older brothers in Galion City Schools, and she has also attended pre-school the past two years.

“She is ready to go and excited to learn,” said Teresa Troiano. “There isn’t very much that intimidates her!”

Adylina, who says she wants to be an artist when she grows up, said one aspect of kindergarten in particular has her attention.

“I’m really excited to play on the bigger playground,” she said. “I have been on the little playground for two years straight!”

Adylina’s only kindergarten concern was lunch. She will alternate between packing her lunch and bringing it from home or eating a school lunch through the week.

“I’m worried about carrying the lunch tray all by myself,” she said. “But I definitely can’t wait to eat Bosco sticks at school.”

Z’Lyric Cameron also is ready to jump into a new experience this school year.

Cameron, just like Troiano, has been in pre-school the past two years at Galion Primary School.

He is so excited for kindergarten, his mother, Brittany Sublett, said he had his lunch packed and ready to go two weeks ago.

“He did well in pre-K,” Brittany said. “He needed that, and his skills improved so much.”

As a student with ADHD and ADD, Z’Lyric will get the benefit of extra support in a new integrated classroom at the kindergarten level this school year.

“Our classroom is different than a typical kindergarten classroom,” said teacher Ashlee Cuttitta. “We have two teachers who share all teaching responsibilities. We utilize flexible seating options, and incorporate lots of movement while using a variety of teaching methods and strategies depending on each individual student and their needs.”

Cuttitta and Tina Crim, both Galion graduates, are co-teaching together for the first time this year. Their integrated classroom will be home to 22 students, which is an average class number across the six kindergarten classes at Galion Primary School this year.

“Our goal is to close the learning gap and challenge all of our students while encouraging them in a positive, nurturing environment,” Cuttitta continued.

Z’Lyric, who claims to be a future firefighter, is looking forward to seeing his pre-school friends as well as making new ones this year in kindergarten. He is also very excited about getting to carry his new PJ Masks backpack to school.

Kindergarten student Lexi Teynor is walking the halls of the Primary school as a student for the first time. Teynor attended pre-school at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church last year.

“Watching my baby go off to school is hard,” said Lexi’s mom Shari Wilcox. “She is an active kid, and I worry about her sitting still for too long. She definitely likes to be busy and challenged.”

Lexi, like most students, is excited about the playground. And she says one particular thing makes her a little nervous.

“I’m nervous about meeting the lunch lady,” Teynor said. “I will pack my lunch some days, and eat a school lunch sometimes, too.”

Lexi was also very clear about what she wants to be when she grows up.

“A scientist,” she said. “I want to cut things open!”

One thing is certain, Galion’s kindergarten staff will have plenty of fresh stories to share as the year progresses.

Erin Miller | Galion Inquirer Z’Lyric Cameron is all smiles from the top of the playground equipment at Galion Primary School. Cameron is part of the class of 2031 who started kindergarten this week. Miller | Galion Inquirer Z’Lyric Cameron is all smiles from the top of the playground equipment at Galion Primary School. Cameron is part of the class of 2031 who started kindergarten this week.


By Erin Miller

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