Galion St. Joseph students excel at science fair

GALION — Last month, two seventh-graders from Galion St. Joseph Catholic School attended the State Science Fair after receiving “Superior” ratings at the North Central District Science Day in March 17.

Leah Sheets and Lilly Gosser received high scores at the local level, and then did the same while attending the District Science Fair at The Ohio State University-Marion campus.

Leah’s project was titled “How Much Sugar Does it Take?” It studied to see if individuals could predict the amount of sugar in cakes or cupcakes, and if it changed the taste of the baked goods. She found that you could tell a difference from the original recipe compared to half the sugar and none of the sugar used. She also found out, through a survey, that it was more of an individual preference as to what cupcake participants enjoyed the most.

Lilly’s project revolved around “Essential Oils” and how they helped people who had headaches and other physical ailments. Within part of her experiment, Lilly assessed 20 different participants with three essential oils in a smelling test to see if they could correctly identify the essential oils. A majority of her participants correctly identified all three essential oils they smelled.

While at the state level, Sheets received another “Superior Score,” Gosser earned an “Excellent” score, just one point away from the Superior rating.

“I am proud of all my students and their families for their hard work, dedication, and cooperation when completing the Science Fair Projects,” said St. Joseph’s science teacher Jeremy Shull. “The students at St. Joseph do what is asked, and enjoy helping others in the process.

:The environment at St. Joseph Catholic School in Galion is like a family and is very conducive to learning in the classroom,” continued Shull. “The students display Christian values on a regular basis.”

“The students and parents at our school are like our family,” said Kate Holzer, principal at St. Joseph’s School. “We are all very proud of not only Leah and Lilly, but the fact that other students, such as sixth grader Ben Adams, received a rating of “Excellent” while at Districts for his project titled ‘Chocolate: Truth and Lies’.”

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By Erin Miller

Galion Inquirer