Galion police on the hunt for vehicle vandals

GALION — A recent trend of local car vandalism and break-ins has many Galion residents aggravated and on edge.

In the last week, the Galion Police reports and social media have been filled with multiple complaints of cars being ransacked. Most of the time, very little — to nothing — was taken from the vehicle.

“Car break-ins have been an issue in the last week,” Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said. “The vast majority of calls are that the suspects are taking loose change and small items they can stick in their pockets.”

Saterfield feels that most likely the thieves are either riding a bicycle or parking a car and then walking neighborhoods on foot to check cars one by one.

“We are concentrating our patrolling efforts on neighborhoods — and especially alleys — but we need help from residents too,” Saterfield said. “Anyone seeing suspicious activity is asked to call in with a clothing description and the last known direction of travel.”

The Galion Police Department is advising residents to take some basic precautions with their vehicles. According to Saterfield, good lighting and well lit areas can be a good deterrent against these kind of illegal deeds.

“If you park on the street, try to park under a street light. Turn on your porch light or flood light to illuminate your property as much as possible,” he urged.

“Do not leave anything of value in your car and, most importantly, lock your car doors!”

By Erin Miller

Galion Inquirer

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