Column: A new year, a new approach

The holiday season has come and gone.

It is truly my favorite time of year, and it always rushes by so fast.

As a new year approaches, many take on the opportunity to make a fresh start in numerous ways, from relationships to finances to diets to forgiveness to charity, the idea of a New Year resolution takes on many forms.

Here is my problem with the whole idea.

Shouldn’t we be making the effort at doing the things we “resolve” to do on a year-round basis?

I think most would agree that “resolutions” are often short-lived. It doesn’t happen on purpose, life just gets in the way and our best intentions slip away.

Goodness knows I’m guilty of this myself.

And that’s why I no longer make resolutions. Continually disappointing myself isn’t a good feeling.

Instead, I make an effort to do better. Consistently.

A few years ago, when my nephew was born, there were some health issues that meant a stay at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. During their time there, my sister in law stayed at the nearby Ronald McDonald House, free of charge. It was a tremendous blessing to their young family at a difficult time, and I’ve never forgotten it.

When you pull through the drive-thru at McDonald’s restaurants, there is a donation container under the window for your spare change. I give each and every time I pull through any McDonald’s all year round. Sometimes its a few pennies, other times its more. Either way, it adds up and that is all I care about.

Knowing I can be a CONSISTENT help for others in need is priceless to me.

It shouldn’t take a “resolution” for things like that to happen.

We should all strive to help, encourage, support and just be better in general.

That’s a good habit to fall into.

And, like the saying goes, habits are hard to break.

So instead of resolutions, let’s strive to create habits instead.

Habitually extend grace to people who have wronged you in some way.

Make it a habit to quit stopping at Target knowing we will spend more than $10 when finances are an important issue.

And then there is the habit I’m currently focusing on. Let’s just say this. It involves buying apples instead of Oreos at the grocery store.

Wish me luck.


Erin Miller

Galion Inquirer



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