Pay for Galion director of law position to remain same


Galion City Council members convened on May 30 for a special meeting.

The first topic was a third reading of Ordinance 2023-39, detailing overall compensation for the city’s director of law.

Current Director of Law Thomas Palmer holds the job until 2025, which offers a base salary of $45,000, plus an additional $35,000 for prosecutorial services. The ordinance, which passed unanimously on May 30, allows the aforementioned specifics to continue in the future.

Ordinance 2023-43, set up to adjust the funds appropriated back in December for the 2023 budget, then received its third reading.

Member-at-large Kara Ault spoke in favor of the measure, particularly mentioning the importance of the Galion Port Authority (GPA), which promotes economic and transportation development and marked four years of existence in May.

Third Ward council member Mike Richart, however, expressed concern over the size of the request and the GPA becoming a bureaucracy.

“I want to start seeing some results,” Richart said, noting housing is a primary function of the GPA.

GPA Director Mark Rantala, who was on hand at the Galion Municipal Building, pointed to small business loans, construction of some housing units, and noted that the COVID-19 pandemic slowed various processes. An extensive discussion among several council members followed about the GPA’s annual financial request. Voting eventually went 6-1 in favor of the ordinance.

Ordinance 2023-47 — considered the main reason for the special gathering — further amending 2023 appropriations, carried 6-0, with member-at-large Paula Durbin abstaining.

A.J. Kaufman is a correspondent for the Galion Inquirer.

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