City resident speaks out on flag debate


During the May 23 meeting of Galion City Council, lifelong city resident Treasia Gordon addressed the council in reference to the May 9 request from Samantha Davis for a “progressive pride flag” to be flown in Galion. Gordon disagreed, and believes the only flag the city should display is the American flag, deeming it the most inclusive demonstration possible, as it represents all Galionites, including those who died serving our country.

“Displaying the progressive pride flag shows more of an exclusion, because it separates the LGBTQ+ community from the rest of the Galion community,” Gordon explained in part. “The community of Galion doesn’t need to display a progressive pride flag to let the LGBTQ+ community know they are safe and welcome in Galion. The American flag says it loud and clear.”

She added Galion is a pro-police town with low crime, unlike major cities that Davis advised Galion to emulate, like Philadelphia and Seattle. Gordon also warned of slippery slopes if numerous flags are allowed and received applause from a large group of supporters in the gallery.

Associate Pastor Josh Keller, from Victory Rock Praise and Worship Center, followed by speaking in support of Gordon’s commentary.

The first order of business afterwards was a second reading of Ordinance 2023-39, surrounding overall compensation for the city’s law director.

Director of Law Thomas Palmer, who holds the job until late 2025, explained the tasks involved with his role. Currently the job offers a base salary of $45,000, plus an additional $35,000 for civil and prosecutorial services. The ordinance would allow this option to continue in the future.

A brief discussion then occurred over Ordinance 2023-46, the annual renewal of bonds to improve and upgrade items, such as sewer treatment; electric power distribution system; and infrastructure, like widening lanes, resurfacing roadways, replacing guardrails and more. The maximum amount to borrow would be just over $2 million. Upon its first reading, the measure passed unanimously.

Mayor Tom O’Leary concluded by noting that road work on state Route 598 is almost finished. The mayor said work on paving roads around Amick Reservoir also should begin soon.

A.J. Kaufman is a correspondent for the Galion Inquirer.

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