Browns quaterback Deshaun Watson talks progress made in his second game back


On Sunday the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals marked the second game back for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. After a rough first outing against the Houston Texans, Watson looked like an improved player from last week.

After the game, he revealed that he feels the same way. That there has been improvement made from his first to second week.

“Most definitely. Like I said, just letting the game come to me,” Watson said.

Against the Bengals, Watson was 26-of-42 passing for 276 yards and a touchdown. Watson threw one interception that was pretty rough to Jessie

“The progress is always taking one step forward. The biggest goal though, is trying to get the W. That hurts. We’ve got to learn from this. We’ve got a big one Saturday.”

Next up for Watson and the Browns is the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens narrowly defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 14, 16-14.

“Anything can happen in the NFL we only can control what we can control. That’s going out there and playing very good Cleveland football in our home stadium, in front of our own fans, in another tough division game against Baltimore. So that’s the goal.”

Cleveland will host Baltimore on Dec. 17 at 4:30 p.m.. This game will be played on the NFL Network.

By Brandon Little

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