CRAWFORD COUNTY- Unofficial results of the August 2 Primary Election were released by the Crawford County Board of Elections last Tuesday..

In Crawford County, there were a total of 35 precincts accounted for with 27,890 registered voters. However, there were only 1,336 total ballots cast for this election with a 4.79 percent voter turnout.

The following local issues passed: 1 Local Liquor Option Sunday Sales Crest 4A with 41 voting yes and two voting no; 2 Local Liquor Option Sunday Sales GALION 1A with 39 voting yes and nine voting no; 3 Local Liquor Option Sunday Sales Gal 1A with 39 voting yes and 9 voting no.

In other races on the Crawford County ballot, DEM State Central Committee, Man (26th Dist)showed Randy Weston winning with a total of 321 votes. The other candidate withdrew from the race but still collected 65 votes. DEM State Central Committee, Woman (26th Dist) showed Carolyn Weston capturing 231 votes, while her opponent Kathleen A. Nalley had 154 votes.

In the DEM State Representative (87th District) race there were no valid petitions filed.

In the REP State Central Committee, Man (26th District) race, there were three candidates. Raymond Metzger had 370 votes, Jonathan Zucker had 342 votes and Charles A. Knight had 156 votes.

With the REP State Central Committee, Woman (26th District, Lisa Cooper captured 823 votes. She was the only candidate.

Rounding out the election results, REP State Representative (87th District) showed Riordan T. McClain with 860 votes, being the only candidate.

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