I have served my Country, I pay my taxes, and I go to Church on Sunday. I’m also a landowner taking part in the Honey Creek Wind project, and I have one question: what about my rights?

The anti-wind group has claimed—for months—that they want this issue to go to the people for a vote, and now they’ve changed their tune. I’ve heard them in commissioner’s meeting with my own ears, telling the commissioners they want a vote. I’ve even seen “no wind farms without a vote” on some of their signs!

But now they’re writing letters and Facebook posts begging people not to sign the petition to get this issue on the ballot and give you and I a voice and a vote!

I am not questioning the rights of the anti-wind citizens to be against this project, but they’re certainly trying to trample mine.

These folks have crossed the line when they tell people not to sign the petitions and claim that the petitions are “pro-wind.” By signing a petition, all you are doing is stating that you believe that Crawford County citizens should have the chance to vote on the wind project in November!

By telling people not to sign, these folks are showing their true colors… it was never about a vote, as they claimed, it was just about what they wanted. What about the rights of the Crawford County Citizens (whether FOR or AGAINST wind) to have a say in their future? And what about the landowners and our right to have a say on the use of our property?

All my life I have been very forward-thinking when it comes to new opportunities, no matter what the outcome may be. Now I wonder, where would we be if our forefathers would not have looked to the future? Where would we be if we had no opportunity to voice our opinions at the ballot? It seems that some in this county want that kind of future…but not me.

Please keep in mind, it is your right as an American citizen and Crawford County resident, to sign the petition to put this issue on the November ballot. Please sign so we can do the democratic thing and vote.

God Bless America,

David Crum


Editor’s note: The petition language states, “We, the undersigned, being electors residing in Crawford County, equal to not less than eight per cent of the total vote cast for all candidates for governor in the county at the preceding general election at which a governor was elected, request the board of county commissioners to submit this designation of a restricted area to the electors of Crawford County, for approval or rejection at a special election to be held on the day of the primary or general election to be held on November 8, 2022, pursuant to section 303.59 of the Revised Code.”

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